Sunday, March 14, 2010

Community School for Everyone: Revamped, Functional School

The school rabbit hole is pretty lame. You can barely do anything with it. But the lot it is on is huge, and as I've proven here, big enough for skills of all kinds to be available for practice by all the sims in town!

So what's everyone standing outside for?

The grand opening of...the COMMUNITY SCHOOL FOR EVERYONE!

What kind of rooms are inside this building? Well, on the outside we've got...

The Playground

The lunch area, and the gardening class

And on the inside, we've got...

A plethora of classrooms! And some decorative rooms.

The Main Office

The Principal's Office

The Boring Attendance Office

The Teacher's Lounge (Warning: Sims will use this fridge like mad.)

The crammed and ineffective gym, which somehow holds sporting events and rock concerts!

Four bathrooms! Wow! 

A library

Auto Shop

The Cafeteria

Snake Charming Mania apparently struck Sunset Valley...

Chess Club

Art Class

Martial Arts/Self Defense Class

Computer Lab

Photography Club, complete with green screen, props, and developing room

And one classroom, and one empty room for you to use as you please!

"What's so special about a lot with a crap ton of skilling opportunities available on it?", you better not be asking. Well, let me tell you!
First off, the martial arts equipment means sims in your town just might learn to do some. That means sparring without having to go to China (though you still can't do ranked matches at home). Your neighbors can become proficient snake charmers, as well. You can study the following skills on one lot:
-Gardening (Though neighbors may not do that on non-home lots)
-Snake Charming
-Martial Arts
-Hacking (Neighbor's won't do this)
-Anything books can teach you
Sure, you could do these at home. But if you do them on a community lot, it encourages neighbors. Sims in your hood tend to flock to lots you visit, to make sure your experience there is lively. When you visit this lot, if it isn't already flooded with sims, it will quickly become very popular. Kids will swarm the playsets, sims will be having lunch in the cafeteria, and you can bet you won't be able to find a computer in the computer lab.
As well, the usage of the mini rabbit holes means sims will go to school here, as they should! Though neighbor sims may not automatically figure out that they're supposed to go to the mini rabbit hole. Usually they will. 

The lot is the same size as the original school, so it'll fit where it used to be, as well as any lot wide enough.
-World Adventures
Have fun. :D


  1. Great idea ... and very funny comment for pictures :D
    I´m sure, that sims will love "snake lessons" :D
    Good work :)
    (Sorry for my english).

  2. Awesome! Great work, Claeric! :D

  3. This is so cool. I especially love the Photography Club and Auto Shop. You're so creative. I never would have thought to include those things. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love it! I love the "useless" gym and the snake charming rooms the most! Too bad I don't have WA installed anymore. Still, it's an awesome lot!

  5. Heh, you got your own blog! Great, now you have more freedom. I found your blog when I saw your comment on the My Sims 3 Blog when I was looking at some craptacular hair. I like this crazy school you made and the description of the gym cracked me up. I'll have to get it when I put my game back together. I exploded it just as I was finishing up building out a new town. Oh well, I'll be back to check your blog from time to time. Miss ya on MTS!


  6. Wow, really cool school :)
    The boring attendance office actually made me lol, dunno why, I guess it was so Hilarious as an idea :P

    Just found your blog, but i'm definatelly gonna start follow up your work :D

  7. Do you need the windows for the school or is it optional?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.


    The windows were removed and apparently reposted. Sorry about that! I'll update the link.

  10. I loved the school so I downloaded it. Now I would like to staff the school and get my teen sims to attend it. Is this possible?

  11. Help, the food mech keeps getting arrested but no one else. I even killed off that mech and had a new person come and they get arrested. I set the lot to Visitors Allowed but I get a window saying to remove the rug but they still gets arrested after i do the reset of the lot.

  12. As soon as I get WA, I'm getting this. Thanks so much!