Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tree Pricing Overhaul

Chinese Bamboo is some of the most sought after bamboo in the world, according to the in-game description. And yet it costs 200 simoleons? No. Now it costs 2,000.

This mod is intended for those of us who can never find anything to spend money on or work towards being able to afford. Those of us who play the game and get bored when we have too much money!

Tree prices are all overhauled to be anywhere from 5x to 10x their original price. I seriously doubt getting fully grown bamboo straight from china would cost the same as a boom box!

This *will* affect the price of lots! If you use this mod and make lots for upload, keep in mind that the price as it appears in your game is not the price it will be in someone elses game if they don't have this mod. Similarly, house prices will not be the same in your game WITH this mod as reported by builders who don't have this mod. Remove the mod before uploading houses so you can see their "actual" price, or remove it before buying houses so you don't have to pay for the trees, if you so choose. 

This is a default replacement for the price of all trees.

I did not change the following trees:

Charred Tree
Scorched Tree
Creepy Tree

Special Notes:

Very Tall Fir Tree: Default price of "Tall Fir Tree" is 210, and I made that 2100. But the default price of the Very Tall tree is only 200. I made it 2500 to stay consistent with the fir tree pricing.

Oak Moss Tree: The description for this one explicitly states that they are very common and thus a deal (despite being one of the more expensive trees to begin with, at 450 simoleons). Despite the description of the surplus, I made this one 5x its original price.

Oak trees: These are 10x their normal price because they are huge. Oak is also quite valuable. This makes them quite expensive. One of them mentions a drop in sales and thus yet another surplus- I ignored this, as well. The game seemed to ignore it with the pricing anyway.

WA Palm Trees: The ginormous WA palm tree comes in at a staggering 3900 simoleons with a 10x price. I think this price is justified since it is not only enormous but also usually foreign.

Spruce Trees: Spruce Trees are 10x their original price simply because they're a very commonly purchased tree, and the whole point of this mod is to give you something to spend money on.

There are four packages: Base, World Adventures, Ambitions, and Late Night. Use whichever you want, as long as you have the EP!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shiftable Awnings

These make the awnings from Ambitions and WA shiftable. They're much more useful now! They can adapt ot any window instead of sitting way up at the top of the wall :)

You can't really tell in the pictures very well. But they will shift all the way up and down the wall, and in these pictures they're quite a bit lower than their default heights! Normally they're way up at the top of the wall, and it looks ridiculous over most windows. The Ambitions awnings show it off in these pictures more obviously, as I used two windows of different heights.

Thanks to Inge for figuring out making stuff shiftable :D

Shiftable Wall TVs (Base Game and Late Night)

This is the wall TV from the base game made shiftable. It is a default replacement.

I have also fixed the Late Night wall TVs- the smaller kitchen one ( Hang Anywhere Crystal TV ) and the larger celebrity one ( Super Stretch Television Experience ).

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pleasant Valley- Longview Edit!

This is a custom edit of Longview by Rflong7 on CustomSims3.

I took the beautifully crafted Longview, added some different lots, and decorated it myself. I am quite pleased with the results!

Pleasant Valley has a suburban district, a small business district, a downtown City, "The Hills", a beach, mountains, a secluded beach, an army installation, and farmland.

I will be honest: I was sorta lazy with some of the decor/lots, but it really gets to be hard to be creative when you're filling up an entire world.

The world has a ton of empty lots (including a section by the center with a bunch of 20x20 lots for smaller homes), most of which are 20x30 (in the suburbs), though some are larger. Almost every house in the world is from Sunset Valley, Riverview, Twinbrook, or Bridgeport. Some are from France. The rest are either from the library or made by me.

Two of the apartments are incomplete! This was part laziness, part "do-it-yourself". I did decorate the outsides, though, but I was really burned out on making entire apartment buildings so I left them empty. The rest are complete, though.

A lot of the rabbit holes are repeated- there are 2 grocery stores on one lot, two bookstores on one lot, there are 3 police stations across the world, there are 3 office buildings (one from each expansion, two on one lot), there are 3 spas. This was to fill space and make the world feel a bit more cluttered. Your sims can also choose which to work at by applying, so maybe they can work at the small office, but switch to the medium at level 5, and then the tall one at level 10? Your choice.

Very few of the skyscraper lots are clubs, most are residential.

The world IS populated, and quite heavily, since a lot of the homes used were populated to begin with!

ISSUES: The bridge is raised. I have pulled it down and re-saved repeatedly but each time it got lifted back up. Cars still go over it just fine, though.
The Army Barracks were intended to be an apartment, but I couldn't get them to function properly, so they are basically just a decor thing, I guess. I left them in in case someone wants to try and figure it out.

This world requires World Adventures (4 of the lots are from france, two of them are tombs!), Ambitions (A lot of the lots are from Ambitions), Late Night (For half the town), and the Renault pack (for the charging station). Everything else should be base game. :D

Remember, this world was not made by me! I simply gave it different lots and a few new decoration items. This is a custom edit of Longview by Rflong7 on CustomSims3.

Install the world and then put the save folder in your saves folder. Both files are in one zip.