Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Invisible Bikemobile: For when you want to go unnoticed

Found under bikes, costs twice as much as the normal bike. Can be clicked without issue.

Glasses Marks

When your sims who otherwise wear glasses 24/7 take them off to shower or sleep...they should have marks on their noses like the rest of us! Or like me. My glasses droop all the time but still manage to make a mark on my nose.

Child - Elder, both genders. It's found under BLUSH and as a result is recolorable for skintones and severity purposes:

It might be too high/low depending on your sim's facial structure, but usually it looks fine. :D You could easily make it any other makeup/facepaint/whatever if you wish to use blush along with it.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Leotard-kinda Set for Guys (and girls) (YA and Adult)

Do male leotards usually have tights under them? I dont know. But this one can.

I really liked the dance leotard from The Sims 2 Freetime but am too lazy to recadoodlefy it over to the sims 3. So here I converted a few female items over. The straps on the back look a bit odd on a guy, but whatever. Yep! That's a guy in these pics. If you are not secure enough in your gender and sexuality to handle that, then get the hell over yourself.

This "set" is the Leotard itself, as well as the long stockings converted for Males, and, if you need one, a nude lower bottom (the leotard is a top, but the texture extends to the bottom. So to use it properly, the sim must be nude on the lower part).

 The back part looks a bit odd, since I don't think most tank tops for guys would have that sort of a strap :p But it works for what I wanted it for, so that's how I left it.

Gymnasts and dancers and musclemen alike love it :D

All pieces can be found in every group but Formal.

How to Use:
-Find the Leotard Top under Tops
-Find the nude bottom under bottoms (I have included one if you do not have one)
-Find the tights in Accessories

FEMALE VERSION is just the swimsuit converted to every outfit type. Use it with stockings, tada.

"Maxis-Match" Low Cut Bikini Briefs

Way sexier, but still briefs, so still not all that sexy.





Check out the butt. :D Plus now those hairy skins can show some more hair. *cough*

Skins used in photos are just SAMMM.  Model is Pizza Boy, can be found here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Butterfly Park Arch Sign

Yknow the graveyard sign? I removed the scary text and added BUTTERFLIES!

It looks better when you aren't up close, as in, always. :p

The fun part about this's just an alpha edit. I took the Graveyard sign and changed the Alpha. It didn't require meshing at all. Technically, I could make an entirely new arch, but that's beyond my scope of attention. This is cute enough. :D

Costs the same as and found in the same places as the graveyard sign.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Enviromental Institute of Modern Art (Sunset Valley Museum/Club/Aquarium)

I changed the museum to be half club. Also to have a lot more to look at.

-Outside walls are different
-Outside floors are different
-Main art room is slightly altered, has new staircase
-Dark room on the side has a purpose, is now a Club/Aquarium
-Rooftop has a hangout spot with random art

And the dark room has become a small bar and aquarium. It is called "The White Room". WHy is it white when it is clearly purple and cyan?

Because everything is actually white.

Has NO CC but this clean dive pool, but uses furniture from WA and HELS and requires the Renault pack from the store (for the windmills and solar panels). 31x50 in size, just like the original museum.

Cleaned, Buyable Dive Well (No more stone!)

The Dive Well has a stone texture on it that can't be removed. Because of this, I removed it! I also made it buyable. It is NOT a replacement!

Left is clean, right is original. Both have the same texture on them in this shot.

These are the default color options for the new one:

But be careful, the texture flips on one half, so some textures might look a bit odd.

Cost is 2,500. Can be found under Decor, Misc Decor, Outdoor, Lawn Decor, and Community Buildings. Compatible with the default dive well.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mod Brick Slats Pattern

I wanted a pattern like this for the outsides of clubs and stuff. but I don't have a club to display it on, so I slapped it all over my self sim's house.

It's a brick-ish pattern. Has two channels, the black and the grey. Found under Misc. simply because I like knowing what patterns are custom content, and so I put them under Misc.