Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Pizza Boy Next Door (Updated)

Just a sim I whipped up to play. I forgot that the game can be PLAYED. Irony being that in making a sim to play, I also made a sim to upload. :| He looks a tad bit "default", but who cares? He's cute.

The Pizza Boy Next Door is hot. He's a young adult, he's a bit of a snob, but he's friendly. Word is he's a great kisser, too.

He really wants to be rich and stylish. He rides around on a vespa!'s only because he's starting out as a pizza boy.

Luckily his other clothes are a lot more stylish.

Only required content is the unlocked and fully CASTable Pizza outfit.  Which I have uploaded here! :D


And these sliders, which are awesome and let you do so much more with your sims. Here. Thanks to LadyFrontBum for the Link and Ahmad for making the sliders. :D


  1. Hey Claeric. The sliders can be found on my blog, Ahmad gave me permission to host them ages ago.

  2. Also, I've never tested the theory but I've been told that the sliders are a requirement for the sim to even show up properly - not just if you want to tweak it.
    Because they are entirely new sliders, apparently if you don't have them installed the sim will not appear the same when you open it.

    But, like I said, I haven't tested that theory... it's just what was told to me.