Saturday, June 12, 2010

Aerie Supply: Ambitions Lot Expanded

This lot is absolutely GORGEOUS. But it was really, really, unforgivably small. The living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom were all one room. So I built a matching addition onto it. The ambiance on this lot is just amazing, I love playing it.

The RED AREA is the default home. I added the extended "foundation", bridges, and building on the right, as well as the outdoor lights.

That stairway is usable, and sims can stand on the balcony up top. Inside the addition are two bedrooms, a poor little baby room, and a master bedroom with sculpting equipment.

Lot size is 40x40, meant to go where the original is (You can find it based on the big overview pictures, it's right next to the broken train track near the Spillway). Costs just under 40k furnished. Requires Ambitions.

How To: Custom Ambitions Tattoos

1. Open TSR Workshop
2. Under preferences, you'll find 3 boxes. One for TS3, one for WA, and one for HELS. This is where you tell TSRW where your game files are.
3. Pick the HELS folder. Tell it the folder is ElectronicArts/The Sims 3 Ambitions. This makes TSRW load the ambitions data, even though there is no option to direct it to your ambitions folder.
4. Go to Clothing and find a tattoo to clone. Be sure to put something under "unique identifier" when prompted to change the text info.
5. Go to Textures -> Core. This is the tattoo. Export it like you would anything else, and edit it like you would anything else. This one file contains the shape and the color masks, just like a pattern, so if you can't figure it out, look at a pattern tutorial. The Alpha is the tattoo shape, and the color masks are done just like a pattern. You will likely have to do all from scratch. Be sure to allow color options under "MaskInfo".
6. Save and check it out in-game. To export as a package, to to Edit -> Project Contents -> Export -> To Package.

Now, mine doesn't change color, and I'm not sure why yet. I'm still working on figuring this out, but at least the basics are available now...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashion Plaza (Salon and Tattoo Parlor in Plaza format)

I always thought little plaza-like lots were cool, mostly because there are not many (if any) lots in the game designed in such a way. So I built one! This is a Salon and Tattoo parlor built to look like a little plaza.

There's an empty area at the back where you could add a break room or lunch room for when your sim works as a stylist. If it doesn't work properly when you place it in game, be sure the lot type is "Salon".

There's a floor tile in these shots that isn't actually there, sorry :p

It's 20x30, and is intended to go where the library is in Twinbrook, but obviously it doesn't have to go there.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Buddy Sarah

Kids left the house? Friends all dead? Too poor for a simbot? Then run on down to the consignment store dumpster, grab an old mannequin, and toss some of your clothes on it.

Sarah is based on a Mirror and as a result can be used to practice speech, gussy up, check yourself out, or change your appearance.

There are two minor issues:

Her icon looks like a grey blob.


Her shadow is off. But this is only an issue if you place her outside.

Costs 350 simoleons and found under Mirrors. Requires Ambitions.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twinbrook Thrifty Pawn Shop (Cluttered Consignment Store)

I thought the consignment shop was too clean and neat, so I added some thrift-shop-style character to it. That's about it.

It now has clearly defined little sections.

Clothing Section

Junk Section (divided into lights, home stuff, plants)

Toys and Knick Knacks (knives purposely placed near toys, yes)

And furniture.

I think it feels more like a thrift store now, so I like visiting it a lot more. :D Same size as the original and requires ambitions.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Buyable Hygienator, Harvester, and Miner (with reasonable prices)

I figure these are reasonable enough devices that our sims could order one online or something, right?

Hygienator: Misc Electronics, cost 10,000 (Since it's basically just a fancy air conditioning sytstem?)
Harvester: Hobbies/Skills, cost 50,000 (Since it's more of a bonus for being a good gardener)
Miner: Misc Vehicles, cost 80,000 (Since you'll make that much in a day with the damn thing)

Requires Ambitions, obviously.

Miner's Shack (With Miner included)

This shack, way out by the mines, used to be used by Miners. It was abandoned and put on the real estate market.

It has not been cleaned up, having holes and burned storage shed on the land. There are oil barrels in front of the home.

There's even some mining equipment left behind.

As well as firewood and a bunch of junk.

Since it wasn't intended as an actual residence, the inside is a bit cluttered- to the point where the front door cannot be used, as there is a couch in front of it.

The kitchen is small and the home does not have much room for expansion.

Though there is a basement, but it's empty.

It's very secluded from the rest of town!

This is a 20x15 lot. I placed a custom lot as shown in the first and last pictures, near the mine. It costs just under 16,000 simoleons, leaving a new one sim family with 500. You won't be able to use the Miner until you clean up the land, though!

Requires World Adventures (for the nectar machine, only, you can live without it if you want) and Ambitions. It does have some fog spawners on it, but they can easily be removed if you dont like them.

Hairband Hair Unlocked for Males

I had a similar hair in The Sims 2, but without the bangs. I think it makes for a nice villain type hair.

Requires Ambitions.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Non-replacement Camera Lense Simbot Eyes

The simbot eyes scare me. I am genuinely scared of them. I cannot have a simbot because of this, unless I give them sunglasses or a mask.

So I made a non-replacement meant to resemble camera lenses.

This is a hairstyle, found under hats. Rusty versions, too, both male and female. You must use EditSim or the supercomputer to edit your simbot and change his hair to this.

How to make your own: 
1. Open TSRW (Or your preferred editing program)
2. Find the Simbot head (named with Frankensim)
3. Find the Hair Textures. These are basically an "Overlay" texture.
4. The eyes are in the lower right corner. Simply draw/paste/whatever over them. Note that they are flipped (the left and right eyes will be flipped horizontally if your replacement is not symmetrical).
5. Replace the textures, and make sure the hair is not hidden in CAS. Save as a unique package.