Monday, March 15, 2010

Adult Pajamas (unlocked Forensics outfit)

For some reason, sims in the forensics career apparently wear weird, fabric jumpsuits. Well, screw jumpsuits. I unlocked them, tossed some designs on, and am repurposing them as "Footie" Pajamas. I didn't actually *make* anything here, rather I unlocked them and added preset textures. But it's still fun so I figure I'll share!

Adult and Young Adult, both genders, found in Everyday and Sleepwear.

You can get creative with socks and slippers to make it look more natural.

For girls, too!

Lots of stylistic options. You can make this thing match anybody's tastes. :p

Hopefully somebody else is crazy and wants this.


  1. Wau, I´m sure that my sims need it :)

    (And LOL - aquarium pattern + antlers)

  2. This is so awesome. My little brother used to have a pair of pyjamas like this. :D

  3. I'm terribly crazy! I just need my teen to grow into it...

  4. Kitty Paine @ MTSApril 5, 2010 at 2:00 PM

    Cute! Adult feetie pjs!

  5. My pjs are super comfortable and durable adult footed pajamas. I wear them all the time especially on those cold winter days. I got them from and they are great!