Saturday, May 1, 2010

First crappy attempt at a pattern: ...Astroturf carpet, I guess?

Well, it's intended as astroturf. Whether or not it looks like that depends on your point of view, I'd imagine. Personally, I wasn't satisfied with any fabric or carpet textures for such a thing (actually, I don't like any carpet textures AT ALL, they're all striped or weird.). Did I miss an existing in-game one just like this? Maybe. I dunno.

Anyway, it's supposed to be astroturf, but it works for general carpeting too. The detail on it can be easy to miss, it's not very exaggerated or anything. So click the pics to see, or it'll just look like solid color :p

Is that some brady bunch lawn I see?

Or maybe a sports fanatic wants an outside inside room. (This is the default color)

Or just general carpet purposes.

It's kinda eh, I know. I want to do a true pattern but am having difficulty with the color masks, so this is all I've got for now.

Found in Misc.

How do I make a cloned object unique?

Trying to make my own wall art, but i dunno how to clone it to be my own unique non-replacing objects. And...I can't...figure it out ;-;

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sims Unleashed for Sims 3: The Vanilla Home (Starter)

"For the family with more imagination than means."

I used to always pick this home as my first in The Sims 1.

30x30, no CC and WA is not required. Cost is just over 14k, meaning a single sim would have 2k leftover for a bed and couch and TV.

Sims Vacation for Sims 3: Ranger's Ranch Campground

Apologies, but my picture of the actual original lot is refusing to upload. So for now this is all you get. :p

Ranger's Ranch is a very basic little campground, but it's nice. I didn't replicate it exactly, but I did get the basics and the layout (I love the pond layout, and actually kept it blocky like in the sims 1).

It's so awesome to see these things in 3D.

30x30 lot, no CC (At least, it should be no CC. I don't know if those already-set-up tents will work or if they require a mod or something?).

Requires WA.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Loading Screens! Original Default for WA and HELS, WA for HELS (UPDATED)

A pack of loading screen mods! These will let you use the WA load screen or Default load screen while playing WA or HELS. :D

See that? Picture taken with HELS and WA installed. :D

And there's the WA load screen with HELS installed. I can swap between them at will! :D

Do NOT download the WA version if you don't have WA.

Default Load Screen for HELS (If you have HELS or HELS and WA and want to see the blue Sims 3 load screen)
Default Load Screen for WA (If you have only WA and want to see the blue Sims 3 Load screen)
WA Load Screen for HELS (If you have HELS and WA and want to see the WA load screen)

Air Guitar On Command

Was already done here. :p Woops. And they did it better!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cleaner Bladder Failure. Nobody will want this. But just in case.

You never know!

Anyway, this is a tuning mod that makes bladder failure drop hygiene by 20 instead of a full 200. Why? Shower in a can is stupid and the only reason it exists is because you can't pee in tombs. So now you can wet your pants in tombs all you want without so big of a deal. Any normal person would just pee against the wall anyway, so I don't see it as cheating.

Plus I use Pescado's joke Incontinent trait sometimes and this makes it easier(yet still a bit of a pain) to have a sim who pees themselves all the time.


Little French Farm

It's a little farm in french-ish style. Cost is just under 20k, so it is a starter home (assuming you use a mod that raises the starting simoleons for a single sim to 20k, as lots do :p), but since it's got lots of'll make enough money to expand so fast that it might be better as a deco lot.

It's 30x30, and has 12 each of 4 types of french grapes as well as 9 Pomelo trees with room to expand your orchard. You could easily remove the wheat and expand back, or remove the hay bales area and expand leftwards, whatever! :D

Only CC required is the wheat, found here, by Aikea Guinea.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chateau Du Landgraab- Detombed and Residential'd

Chateau Du Landgraab is just frickin beautiful. The floorplan is a bit ridiculous for a typical home, but man, it's just so MASSIVE and pretty. But it's also a tomb. So I de-tombed it. I took out every tomb object, replaced hidden doors with normal doors, unlocked all the doors, got rid of all the tomb functions, and cleaned all the floors. It took FOREVER.

So hey, here, have it so you don't have to do all that work.

Changes: Made the yard more yard-y in the back, removed the giant boulders, replaced them with a fancy fence (matching one already used on the lot), added another stone path. Put very little extra furniture in, mostly in one upstairs room that was totally empty.

The rest of it was put together by people at EA.

64x64 Residential. :D

Invisible Fire Alarm

Hadn't seen this anywhere, so here you go. Has no thumbnail in buy mode, cannot be seen in live mode. To delete it, just delete the wall tile you put it on.

Living in olden times china? Never fear! Your magic...swords...will warn you of fire! (Move objects means you can put stuff over it like this :P)