Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Abandoned Factory (Warehouse Rabbit Hole Replacement)

Yet another rabbit hole, opened for decorative purposes! This time, it's the Outstanding Citizens Warehouse. I turned it into a factory.

The door is a garage door, seemed a lot more...mechanical.

Inside is a building best viewed in 3 stories. First floor: Production. Second floor: Maintenance. Third floor: Foreman's office.

The production line is display cases, painted ot look like a conveyor belt system. Things come from the big room, go through a little one, and pop out the end. Along the edges are stools and boxes- two boxes for "rejects" and a final, large box for things to be placed in for shipping out. You can put what you want on these belts to give the illusion of abandoned production. :D

The actual rabbit hole is off in the corner.

The foreman's office is a really cool aspect, I think, but there's no real purpose to it. It has a bookshelf and a desk.

Thanks to the wonderful invisible WA lights, the lights on the cieling appear to shine down three whole stories, lighting up the catwalks and, to a lesser extent, the floor below. The lights are invisible when in live mode.

And finally, the roof(accessible by way of outside stairs) features some pipes for no reason other than pipes being a factory thing. They're the upper posts of the modern fireplace- so they may or may not exist in the exported lot. Not sure.

Works properly and everything. :D Is intended to go in the same place as the original in Sunset Valley.

-World Adventures
-Half Walls
-These rabbit holes


  1. That warehouse gives me flashbacks to Counterstrike. I think it's reminding me of one of the warehouse levels I used to love playing. :D

  2. I really like it! I'm glad somebody is making rabbit hole replacements.

  3. Nice that the person made the rug that you could use to make this. Why don't you tell us where you got it and the creator of this item? You made just the building, not the rabbithole replacement.

  4. Woops, my mistake, I forgot to list where to get them. People make mistakes, damn.

  5. Do people still go to work and everything normally though the garage door, or do you have to go and manually open it for them to get inside?

  6. They waltz right through the door.

    I do *not* know what happens, though, if you remove a rabbit hole while a sim works there. For safety reasons, maybe move the old one, place this one, and then click on the rug in this one and "transfer job here". Then you can delete the old one.

  7. I love this. Reminds me a bit of GTA IV. I love that game and I love the look of this warehouse. Great job!

  8. Hello Claeric,
    thanks for remaking all those rabbit holes. For some reason my Sims stopped going to work at this one though and I found out that they throw a route tantrum because of the garage door. When I open it manually, they walk in, but otherwise they can't.

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