Saturday, May 29, 2010

9 Gorgeous Character Splashes: Persona 4

Costs 1,000. Requires HELS.

You anonymous idiots ruin EVERYTHING

Nobody bothers to comment here, but they always comment on MS3B, but you dumbasses got the comments on the latest one closed. I wish MS3B would just disable anonymous commenting already, half the people were probably the same person.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Chillgood Fridge, Fixed to not look like horrible crap!



After: Beautiful pristine retro style!

Colors can finally look GOOD!

(Note: The 4 visible "Corners" on the inner texture that you can see on the slate fridge are not my fault, that's a default part of the texture, not a mistake!)

This is a default REPLACEMENT!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

3 Katamari Paintings

The Family of All Cosmos

Katamari On The Horizon

And the best ever...

A signed landscape portrait of The King of All Cosmos!

The Horizon picture requires HELS.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tony, the Sexy Teen Vampire

Sexy vampires are all the rage. Now you, too, can have a sexy teen vampire! Tony the sexy teen vampire! His real name is Tony Lombardi, but he tells people it's Tony de Lioncourt.

Well, he says he's a teen when he's wooing the boys, but he's actually a young adult. Close enough, whatever.

Tony is a Grumpy Coward, who Hates the Outdoors, is a Heavy Sleeper, and Mooches off of everybody. His lifetime wish is to see the ghost of his wealthy spouse.

His favorite food is Burgers (rare), his favorite music is Classical (because that's what his brethren who have been around for hundreds of years like), and his favorite color is purple.

He can get kinda angry...

And he doesn't care much about his appearance...

He scowls a lot...and tries to act tough...

But he's really just a coward.

 Plus he's not all that bad. He's a fun guy, if a little awkward.

Tony uses the following CC:
-Rose Sims Hair
-Baggier Baggy Jeans
-Fangs by Aikea Guinea (under Accessories)
-These Piercings
-My Zits
-My Goatee

Tony was made using awesomemod with sliders multiplied by 4. You'll need your sliders to be multiplied if you want to change his face.

I love this sim. He has the best grumpy expressions ever.

Zits (5 more styles) FIXED.

FIXED! Most of the styles didn't work before because TSRW sucks ass at saving things properly when edting a package. Every texture gets deleted when you load a freaking package, so you have to redo the WHOLE THING every time. Genius, right? Forgive me for slandering the damn thing, but it only took me, oh, 10 or 12 tries to realize that it was deleting every freaking texture every freaking time, despite showing them functioning just fine in the program. Anyway, they work now. Please redownload! D:

 Flipped versions of the earlier zits, a bit of excessive zits, a lighter version of excessive zits (like the kind where people have a lot of zits, but they aren't the red bright kind), and a light version of EVEN MORE zits.

This includes the first two. The name is the same so just overwrite.

Normal zits, now in Flipped version:

Extra Zits, now in Flipped version:

LOTS of zits:

LOTS of zits, Light:

EXCESSIVE zits, Light (no normal version, it just looked weird):

DETAIL shots of Lots of Zits and Excessive Zits:

Hooray! That makes 7 styles of Zits:

Normal Flipped
More Flipped
Lots (Adds zits on the cheeks and near the temples, more on the chin)
Lots Light (Same, but light)
Excessive Light (LOTS of tiny ones on the cheeks and chin and near the temples, light marks near the lips)

I think that's enough for now :p

All are costume makeup, all under the same makeup (so they all appear in a row). None are colorable, but they have an alpha that makes them light enough to fit most skin colors. Teen-Adult, Male and Female.

Zits (2 Styles)

These are now outdated. See the new post!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Farther Zooming Out in Live Mode

This mod allows you to zoom out farther in live mode, without being limited to a set distance or map view distance.

You can now zoom all the way to map view distance without the map view marker popping up. Once you reach map view distance, the marker shows up. Map View is now a bit higher, too.

Note that if you move the camera angle down (to see the horizon) while zoomed out really far, stuff in the distance disappears like in Create-A-World. This is normal. If you want to take far-out pictures at extreme angles, use the free camera.

This edits the Camera XML and is probably not compatible with most camera mods.

More Expensive Meals from Fridge (Grocery Incentives)

I've had the game since christmas.

What did I only just learn today? Food has ingredients! And owning those ingredients makes the food cheaper. But there's pretty much no incentive to buy ingredients.

BY DEFAULT: The markup is 50%. Meaning:
Waffles require an egg.
Eggs cost 10 simoleons.
Waffles without any eggs cost 15 simoleons.

NOW: The markup is either 250%, 500%, or 1000%. Meaning:
Waffles require an egg.
Eggs cost 10 simoleons.
Waffles without any eggs cost 25 or 50 or 100 simoleons.

Here's an example: At 250%, here's food with an egg in your inventory and without:

This means you'll spend a LOT more on food unless you bother to go to the store and buy groceries regularly. :D New families especially will need to be sure to buy groceries.

Only use ONE! Edits the Recipe_blahblahblahb XML file.

Monday, May 24, 2010

No Fires or Vanishing from Science Experiments

I only just learned that level 10 scientists can "perform experiments".

There are lots of possible effects, the best of which are moodlets given by using an object like "Winner" Or "pumped" or etc. If you experiment on your fridge, counter, food processor, stove, dining table, and dining chair, you could boost your sims mood before work by over 100 points just by doing daily stuff.

But two of the negatives cannot be undone. All others can be gotten rid of and you try again. FIRE AND VANISHING ITEMS.

So yeah now they won't happen anymore

Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Progress + Updated Test File (More beta testing wanted!)

More updates! I have added trees and a bunch of lots. I am still only working in CAW so I need more people to try and find seam errors or lot edge errors or road/sidewalk flickering, and other errors. Preferably with pictures!