Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paradise (Now in Base Game flavor) (UPDATED)

 Minor Update: For whatever reason, NPCs spawn from parks at random before running around and disappearing. They do this FOREVER. So don't designate any lots as parks. I have no idea why this happens, but it does. Make them libraries or gyms or something instead.

Who says being stranded on an island can't be paradise?

What more is there to say?

Paradise is a small island situated in the middle of beautiful nowhere. It is surrounded by shallow blue beaches which, depending on your point of view, are marred or made even prettier by patches of sea greenery.

This island has all Common seed spawners and some uncommon, but no rare. It has all base game bug spawners, but not all base game butterfly spawners. It has a few general gem spawners and you can get gold/iron/silver. The common and uncommon ocean fish can be found, as well as rare and deathfish. There are no robot fish or EP fish, but there's one pool of common fresh fish.

There are 4 community lots and 3 Residential lots. One small family could live here. 3 families could live here for a bit of life. Your sims could colonize it and rule it as king or just take advantage of an accidental boat accident and have a permanent vacation. Maybe some kids got stranded here. Maybe Amelia Simhart crashed her plane here.

The lots are here for just that purpose: They cover a significant chunk of the island, so you can alter a lot of how it looks on your own, instead of being stuck with a mostly stagnant world. Using community lots you could load it with trees should you wish, or do whatever you want. Those "empty" spots are empty for you!

Consider this in testing, by you. :p I haven't spent extensive time with it but the only issue I noticed is that the waves crashing onto the beach can look a bit funny if you're zoomed too far out (they look "blocky", but I can't do anything about that). You still get mail and newspapers, somehow, by way of game-required-behavior magic. But apart from that, what goes on here is up to you. :D

For the sake of justifying how your sims here can still travel, I put Jet Trails as one of the effects, so jets fly overhead in the distance rather often. Just pretend that to go on a vacation, your sims wave at a jet, get them to send a boat, and ask the boat for a ride :p

There's also lots of seagulls hanging around.

Here's an idea for a fun way to play: 
I've got a little wooden hut on it in my game, filled with luggage and chests from the store sets, and the explorers loot stuff, papyrus, a telescope.

I'm treating money as a form of magical power to summon objects with, and I am only developing other lots by building on them with money my sims have earned (awesomemod allows buy and build buttons to function on community lots). That way there's something to spend money on and something to work for.

I am going to build a tiny office where my sim will get a job as a journalist, presumably working over the internet, and eventually he'll write and sell amazing books over the internet and use his magic currency to build a palace. :D

Notes: When you dig, you will hit water. This is not a glitch. That's the "water table". Any ground lower than the ocean will be full of water. The grassy area of the island is a bit higher than the beach, so you can dig down a little, but not very far. Even digging a tiny bit on the beach will give you a pond. Despite this, you can still make basements, I'm fairly certain. Land dug below water level does not count as a pond. You can fish in it, BUT YOU CAN ALSO WALK THROUGH IT. Meaning you could get some creative Machinima shots going on with sims standing in the water and such.

When you first start using the world you might notice sims randomly appearing near the tower in the center, running away, and disappearing. I am not sure but I think this is just the game generating NPCs for the town. <_<;;
Enjoy. :D

Requires World Adventures.

If you want to play without world adventures...

Then please download Paradise Lite, which has no WA objects or trees. :D

(The text in the World screen picture, by the way, says "Visit...Paradise". )

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Selphie Porter

This sim has a big backstory, because she is a remake of a sim I used to have who was "born" in-game. I had a sim who I started as a teen. He never went to school and he never got a job- he saved any money he had to go traveling, and earned all his money by going on adventures and exploring tombs. He got a level 3 visa in France, Egypt, and China, and married a Frenchman. After a long life of traveling and adventuring he stuck to collecting gems from around the neighborhood to put on display, in his enormous home that he himself had earned the entirety of. The home was too big with too little going on inside it, and so he adopted.

His daughter was not green, but I made her so. She was an Alien. And she grew up to be Selphie Porter.

Selphie comes from another planet. She doesn't know where it was, but she remembers a lot about it. It was very advanced and there was lots of technology around her at all times. Though she doesn't remember her parents at all, or how she got here.

Like all sims I make, she likes to blink when I take pictures.

She has pitch black eyes and a tiny nose, features common to her alien race, but otherwise is pretty much just like a Sim.

She loves how SimNation is a lot less tech-focused. She's very artistic as a result, because she tries to capture a memory of every new thing she sees, with paintings or photographs or words. She's easily impressed, by normal sim standards, considering she gets very excited about every little thing that doesn't involve the high-tech. She's a bookworm, reading as much as she can about the world around her, and she's Neat, because despite loving her new planet, she's still a bit scared that she'll come across some bacteria or something that will hurt her badly. For the same reason, she is a vegetarian, refusing to eat any meat.

Growing up wearing tight-fitting future suits, she likes to dress in loose clothing.

Her favorite food is grilled cheese, cheese being a rare delicacy on her planet. Her favorite music is classical, since she's never heard such archaic instruments before, and her favorite color is Purple.

She's careful and focused with her painting skills.

And can often be seen reading a new book on the way home from buying it.

Her lifetime wish is to master the painting and writing skills. She wants to express the beauty she sees around her to the world!

Selphie is a Young Adult, and the only CC she uses is Rose Hair 6 (Direct Link here) and Shady's Sparkling Contacts. She may or may not use The green variation of these skintones but I honestly don't recall if the game has a green skin by default. If it does, she is using a default skin :p Sorry about that. Her earrings and eyeliner are from WA.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Happy Time Harry

Happy Time Harry, the pissed off, alcoholic doll with liver disease, comes complete with ACTION BILLS.


I have no idea where I got his slippers, sorry. I'm sure you have something similar in game already. He was made with Awesomemod's DisableClothingFilter config turned on, so his outfit is for all clothing categories. This SHOULD persist even in a download. Face was made with Awesomemod slider multipliers and Facial Sliders by Ahmad, which are necessary. He has a default replacement beard in these pictures.

Have fun. :D

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cute Boy Jack

This is Jack! He blunk when I took his picture.

Jack is a young guy who loves music and wants to be great at it, commanding grand symphonies.

He's brave.

He's artistic.

He's ambitious.

He's a hopeless romantic.

And he's lucky.

Plus he's cute in-game, too!

Jack is loosely loosely based on Rankin Bass' Jack Frost. He's just a cute blonde guy with a lot of dreams. :D

Jack uses this awesome hair/hat converted by Anubis and no other custom content, but he is made with slider enhancements(multipliers) and will require them if you edit him!

Give him a good home. :D


 When it comes down to it, there are very few people who will swing the bat. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Screw you, CTU!

It's not working ;-;

I'm trying to just delete the shirt from the apron mesh. But when I do-

-The colors on the apron part are all brighter than they actually are
-The alpha is jagged for some reason on the ribbon on the back
-The enabled texture channels don't save, and I can only change the invisible shirt and the apron

;-; stupid thing

It should not be this hard to have a buff guy walking around the house in an apron with no shirt on D:<


I don't know what to call it. I guess paint? I have no idea. Watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, some lame ICP goth kid whatever had lip stuff like this and I thought depending on the sim it might look kinda cool.

So here's my first ever makeup! :D

I suppose it's a bit of a rare-use depends-on-the-sim kinda thing, instead of an every-other-sim-you-make-will-use-this kinda thing like a new lipstick or eyeliner. <_<;

Because of how faces and facemasks work, there will be distortions based on the sim's face shape. Usually it looks fine though.

So. Yay! It's a lipstick. It's black by default and any other color is dumb because it lets you see the lips.

(The first sim is an altered Syd Vivacious by Epi.)