Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's an extremely ingenious name.

This is Plink. After the events of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Link got a fairy for some reason, and also he got teleported into the future because CRAZY MAGIC. Someone pointed out that his hair is pink (due to wonky color restraints, Link's hair in LTTP is indeed pink.), and the eccentric, metrosexual side of him EXPLODED with glee at this revalation. So he got some glasses and styled his hair and got some stylish shoes and stuff. Also he had a pole dancing pole installed in his living room.

Plink uses the following CC:
-Hair by Anubis
-Navi by Anubis
-Emo Glasses by KittyKlan
-Shirt from The Store :\
-Pointed Ear Sliders

And he was made using awesomemod's 4x slider multiplier and PROBABLY these sliders, which you should have anyway because they are necessary for life itself.

He's got some traits and stuff, but those don't really matter. His personality is up to interpretation...I personally made him a courageous fireman who just happens to go around in stylish shoes, glasses, and sweaters.

As an added bonus, HE IS REALLY FUN TO TAKE PICTURES OF. And he goes so well with blue and green.

(Sorry, I had to)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anybody know where this top is from?

I'd like to upload this sim, but I don't want to bother if I can't find the top.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Three Triforce Tattoos

The Triforce, the Hylian Crest, and a Triforce with Kanji on each piece denoting which it is, as well as Hylian text around each side.

I didn't notice any issues when testing them, but if you see one, please tell me. These are the first tattoos I've gotten to work properly. :D

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Twinbrook Competitive Swimming Center

The Twinbrook pool had a cute marking along the bottom of it implying it was used for competitive swimming, so I redid it a bit to be more of a...well, competitive place. Instead of just a community pool.


It now has stands for viewing, a...thingy-doo for competitive swimmers to line up on(though they cannot get in the pool from it), a slightly more decorated facade, a gate system for ticketed events, two outdoor showers (complete with fog emitter, because the water heater just happens to be busted, plus it looks cool when showering), though the indoor showers are still there.

Same size as the original, requires Ambitions and these.

Standalone Science Fountain

All this time and I don't even know if Standalone is a word, or if it's supposed to be two. Whatever.

This is the science fountain, but without the base. Unlike the others, which show up in Statues if you have the latest patch, this one is found in Misc. Deco. Since it wasn't a deco object to begin with (It's hidden), it couldn't automatically jump over to statues.

Same as before, moveobjects to place. This one floats up in the air a bit like the waterfall fountain, too, but it sits quite a bit higher. You might want to use ConstrainFloorElevation after placing it to make a little platform for it, as shown in picture 3.

You could probably stick some outdoor light of some sort where the water spouts out to makeit look more realistic, I guess.

Standalone Waterfall Fountain

This is the Plaza fountain with the base removed. Just like last time, place it with moveobjects to make a nice pond fountain. This one is raised up in the air more, so you won't have to make as much of a shallow hill to place it on.

The shadow doesn't appear in the water, which is good, because the low level of detail shadow isn't correct. TSRW wouldn't let me change it, so it still makes a shadow for the fountain base.

Standalone Fountain

This is the WA fountain with the base stripped away. It can be placed with Move Objects to be used as a fountain for ponds. It's easiest if you place it on a shallow area and use the ALT key to move it precisely. If you do it properly, it will work in shallow ponds and in deep ponds.

Requires WA.