Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2x Sleeping Speed

Made this just to see if it was possible. Hooray! It is. Makes sleeping twice as fast, no matter what your sim is sleeping on (So a cheap bed that takes, say, 9 hours will now take 4.5 to fill the energy bar, and an expensive one that takes 7 or so will now take 3.5.).

It lets my sims stay up pretty damn late at night and still get up for work. Great for sims with a LOT of stuff to do...like gardening...which takes for-freaking-ever.


  1. Need to know, is this compatible with just the base game or WA? Or do I need HEL? If so, can you show me what you did so I can make the same mod for my game?

  2. Should be compatible with everything. I think I just altered the Bed XML, that covers all beds regardless of EP or custom content, and simply doubled the value for the rate of energy increase.

  3. Glad to here that! And thanks. :D