Monday, March 15, 2010

Seaview Drive-In

I'm pretty big on adding more types of community lots to the game. Special lots, with lots of decorative purpose. So...

Far up on the hills by the sea in Sunset Valley is the Seaview Drive-in.

It is both a drive-in and a park, and sims treat it as such. People come at all times of day to just hang out and wait for the movies to start.

There's a playground for the kids, and a stage that doesn't work properly and might not until the next expansion. :p

The view from the parking spaces is beautiful.

You can just feel the sun and the breeze, everything feels very much like summer. Here, some sims gather and sit in their lawn chairs as they wait for the movie to start.

They've got a pretty good view.

There's a snack bar, open all hours of the day to provide snacks and drinks!

Sun sets over the port-a-potties, signaling that the movie will soon begin!

Night falls and the lights come on, just dim enough to provide a path, but not so bright as to obscure the view.

See that light? That's the projector!

Teens hang out here a lot, and sims who are brave enough can climb the maintenance catwalk on the back of the screen, up to the top of the scaffolding- a lighted walkway which provides amazing views!

And once the movie is over, you still don't have to go home. Everybody gathers to roast marshmallows around the fire.

No matter how glamorous I try to make it, there isn't really THAT much to do on this lot. But the purpose is the ambiance of it all! It really does feel summery when I play it- looking at the asphalt and blue sky somehow makes it feel warm and like a summer day. Sims can eat here, have picnics, play on the swings, play guitar, use fire pits, and hang out. It's a very fun place to look at! There's also a little path(built into the world) from the corner of this lot down to the beach. It's pretty cool!


Why I did not include an actual movie screen: Apparently there are a ton of custom huge TVs out there. So chances are, you already have one. And if not, I don't want to force you to get one you don't want. So I left it optional, and you can use whichever you like. The theater screen is 17 tiles wide and 4 stories tall, for reference. Note that if you put a TV, you may have to use creative placement/geostacking to get it to function. It might have to be on the first floor for sims to watch from their chairs!

The parking spaces are functional. The top-most white car is the one my sims came to the lot in. So if your sims drive here, they'll park somewhere in front of the screen. :D The other parking spaces, on the side, are purely decorative, so that there's someplace for sims to "park" who aren't there to watch a movie.

The pictures were taken with the Less Blue Nights/Accurate Longer Shadows mod installed.

-World Adventures (mostly because there are some burned floor tile markers, that make the parking spots look like they're used/have had oil leaks on them, but also for the registers)
-Simple Kitchen Counters
-The cars are NOT custom content. I made the lot as a residential lot then swapped it to community. They should show up. If they, for whatever reason, do not(i've tested. they should.), you can use THESE to replace them.

Lot is 60x60, so there are over 5 potential places it could fit in Sunset Valley. It's made specifically for the empty cliff lot on the edge of town, though.


  1. This is pretty amazing. Looks great for storytelling. Despite the fact that there aren't much the sims can do to begin with, you sure make it seem like there are.

  2. Bad! I can't believe I was soooo lucky to stumble across your art -- you have enhanced my game so much. Your Pizza Boy -- your buildings. You are amazing!! I run a Dude Ranch with the help of Ani's Working Sims Bed (s) Obviously a male brothel with five beds and a lot of business. One thing I feel my dudes need is a sign. That Sandwich sign is nice but you can't write anything on it. Sooo With yer mind, I was thinking I ought to mention it.

    In any event -- Dude you rock. You should turn your avatar pic into a Sim.

    My best,

  3. My avatar pic is a sim. 0_o That''s a pic of the sim!

  4. I thought so. I love the Drive-in. Thanks so much for that. You had mentioned unlocking commercial property, like the Spa, so you could change the exterior but still have it remain functional. What is that cheat code, I can't find any info on unlocking buildings. And I want to redesign my downtown area.
    Thanks again.

  5. Cool idea! I miss drive ins!