Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last Chance Gas Station

This lot was built for my World, The Wraithsands. It's the one and only gas station along the main highway. It's another semi-decorative "atmosphere" lot.

There's not much going on inside. It's just a gas station. :\ There's a nectary register, a food register...

Some coffee machines by the entrance...

A garage door, should someone need a tire change or something, and some couches easily pushed aside, used for TV and video games, since there's not much to do in the desert, and people hang out here.

It's best suited for a lot that has a road on either side. You probably don't have a lot the exact size as this one, but if it's just a bit bigger, it's easy to expand the asphalt. Or you can just remove the arrows.

And here's a closer shot of the pumps. These can be turned on (since they're on a different level than ground level, sims won't watch them) and it looks like advertisements on old pumps fitted with fancy new screens.

Size 40x24, so it's suited fine to one of the numerous 40x30 lots most worlds have.

Requires world adventures and nothing else!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Snake Legs Gargoyle Wings made Mini

These wings were made by Snake Legs, and can be found here! I simply resized them! I got permission now, too.

Anyway, these wings are badass, I just didn't like how big they are, so I made them smaller. A couple people requested I upload them, so here they are.

There you can see where they rest on the back.

It's just a resize so it still uses their textures and thumbnails. Again, all credit goes to Snake Legs!

Unlocked WA Mailbox and Regular Mailbox

This unlocks the WA mailbox for purchase, with a few minor issues. Normally if you want this mailbox you have to copy a house from a foreign world and delete everything on it so you can build your house.

There are minor issues:

-There's no mini-door
-There's no flag thingy
-There's a minor animation distortion when the sims try to use it, for a second or so.

I imagine this is because the thing isn't intended to be used ANYWAY, but:

-You can still donate money
-You can still get gems cut and such
-You can still recieve mail
-You can still shift-click on it and get all the same cheat debug options as the regular mailbox

Read the following. READ IT. e_e

-Go to decorative/misc and buy one for 500 simoleons
-Turn on Move Objects, or you can't place it
-Once you place it you'll still have another in your hand (like when placing lights), just click another button or object to get rid of it.
-Delete the original mailbox. This can be done using something like Awesomemod's "Nuke" feature (At least I believe it is awesomemod, it may be a base game testingcheats function) and shift-clicking on the mailbox, selecting "nuke".

If you want the regular mailbox, just buy it, too, and nuke the WA one. Both cost 500 and can be found in Deco -> Misc or Outside -> Lawn Decor.

Fully CASTable.

I have not noticed ANY ill effects from this, so I am assuming that it is safe (unlike in The Sims and The Sims 2, where the mailbox had major functionality and deleting it would basically ruin the whole universe and everything in it). Tested a family for a few days, donated a few times, got some gems cut, recieved and paid bills. Everything still seems to work as normal.  Despite that, use at your own risk. I see no reason it should cause issue, but if you're afraid of it, just don't use it. I am considering it in-testing. I also do not recommend sharing lots with one of these, just for safety purposes. If you're designing a lot around the mailbox you have issues and are crazy anyway.

I've also noticed no issues with multiple mailboxes. You can only use one, but having more doesn't seem to hurt at all, so it's cool for apartments and stuff.

 DO NOT DARE only install one of these mailboxes, because I will not be held responsible if you build some great house using the WA one and then want to use the normal one. e_e Install both so that you can be sure you can always get the normal one back, damnit!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unlocked Sarcophaguseses and Cameras

I feel guilty using debug mode to buy these and yet I would like to buy them so now they are in the catalog.

The cameras are in Electronics -> Misc. They cost the same as they do buying them from a merchant.

And as you can see here, each sarcophagus is priced. Imported from an Al Simharan museum, or something like that. They are found under Comfort -> Beds, or the Bed icon in the room sort. Be warned that since it is still the sarcophagus of kings, the sarcophagus of kings WILL turn a sim who sleeps in it for too long into a mummy. It is not advised to use it as a bed. ;D

Blendable Basics Set 1

Based on the idea LemonLeaf used here, with these badass sexy shirts.

A t-shirt, a flowy lady shirt, and a pretty dress! This is easy to do, so I am making some quick enhancements to base game basic clothing by applying it to them.

Not the fanciest example combos, but it's just to get the idea across. They work best with both colors being equally dark or bright, a combination might look a bit odd. The dress is everyday and formal.

Thanks again to LemonLeaf for the idea :D

Blendable Overshirt for Guys

Lemonleaf made this really badass shirt set. And I got really excited, because the colors BLEND! So I tried to match that with some more traditional looking base-game clothing.

Do do do dooooo! Introducing, the blendable button-down overshirt.

You can even blend patterns!

And if you use similar colors, you can blend two patterns into one new design.

Isn't that badass?! :D

Higher Chance of Friends asking YOU to Move In

One of the coolest features of The Sims 3 is that neighbors can not only be visited, but they might ask YOU to move in with THEM.

But I have never seen this happen. S3PE reveals why! The chance of an NPC asking you is 1%. The chance when you are in a romantic relationship is 3%. By that time you probably already asked them to move in with you.

I changed it! Now the chance of them asking during conversation is 10%, and when romantic, 25%. They'll wait 2 days between asking if you say no, so you won't be constantly bombarded by requests. Note that denying the request gives a -10 drop in relationship.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mini Tomb: Abandoned Research Facility

This is a very simple tomb I threw together to play with a building concept. It is very short and very simple, and the treasures are what I chose them to be simply because they are objects I like having on display and do not like wasting time finding.

The outside of this lot is ugly. It is hideous. It is horrible. I don't even want to post the picture, it is embarassing how little effort went into it, but I am completely truly at a loss with it. I am not good at exteriors. Especially rectangular ones.

I had no idea what to do with it since I was so focused on the immediate insides, and so I didn't...really...try. I shouldn't admit that, but it's true. The outside is pretty bad. Think of it as a do-it-yourself-er I guess. <_<; Sorry, I really lost all inspiration with the outside. This is another example of "I made this for me, but you can have it too if you want", so I didn't try too hard to make the outside presentable. But I think the inside makes up for it!


At nighttime some eery lights can be seen inside. Come back when it's daytime so there's more light.

Nothing too's just a lobby, right? What's so- OH MY GOD WHAT

Well. Looks like. Uh. The floor collapsed. And the basement flooded. What the heck?

There's...vats of green glowing goo down there, and it looks like there's even some fish.

And computers...and a chemical preparation area? What did they research here?

Well, you gotta figure that out for yourself. Hidden away is a staircase to a sub-basement, which is *not* flooded. :p And there you'll find some cute little allusions to what supposedly went on in this place and some nice treasure. There's one puzzle that might be hard to recognize, but you'll figure it out.

Spoilers for treasure: The only real treasure here are quite a few pieces of very expensive Tiberium, and some Dive Well Fragments. There's also some seeds, and a bit of nectar, and uh there might be a mummy. Maybe. This is NOT a very well-rounded tomb, as one short visit will make your sim pretty rich. But I like Tiberium as decoration, and I like having a dive well in the yard, so that's why you get what you get. The fish, by the way, are deathfish.

The basement is nicer to look at than the outside, but the main focus of this lot was the concept of the collapsed floor and flooded basement. It'd be nice to see someone make an apocalyptic lot with such things, but that's not my deal and so I didn't do it myself. :p

Just a quick lot to play with a concept. It's 35x25, so it'll fit lots of places.

When placing the lot, change it to "No Visitors Allowed". There are some triggers inside meant for you, not NPCs, and you don't want them ruining them. I can't seem to get the lot to save this designation as "no visitors" when exported so you have to do it yourself.

Requires nothing but WA.

Enjoy. :D

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Paintings!


This time, we've got more goth stuff...

A tasteful poster of the horrible murderer monster Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2, hanging out in a field with a rainbow. From within that hunk of metal grafted onto his head can come a long tongue which can impale stuff! Adorable! And a poster of Jack Skellington!

For more artsy and minimalist sims, a photo that could be mistaken for a window, or a tiny terrarium embedded in the wall. Upon closer inspection, it's actually a fish tank landscaped to look like a hill and river. And on even closer inspection, it's a photo, not actually embedded in the wall! Fool your friends!

Some earth tones in the form of an image of Mabase, the town from the anime FLCL. The town's gigantic Medical Meccanica plant, in the shape of an iron, is represented by an actual iron. It's modern AND traditional!

And lastly,

A sleek modern little number in the form of a simple drawing of The Windfish's Egg, from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Within this egg rests the windish, and within the mind of the Windfish rests the island of Koholint, and within the island of Koholint rests this egg. Trippy!

These ones are a bit more traditional and will probably have more appeal. Note that I did not make any of the images, I simply used them as paintings. I think they make fantastic paintings! Hopefully you do, too.

Zip contains all individual packages.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Special offer: Custom Photo Series

Want a series of photos like this of your favorite sim?

Then take 4 photos of said sim you'd like to see and upload them somewhere for me, and I'll make one for you. But only for the first 3 people who post their pictures! You are excluded if your pictures suck. :p

This is a situation where being a follower of a blog pays off. ;D


I made some paintings! Are they good? I don't know! Do you want them? Probably not! Do I care? Nope!

Angsty Teens can now pin up a poster of their ultra favorite band, Antlers Always. Or they can get a framed portrait of the embodiment of their teenage frustrations!

More regal sims who are sick of the dark and lonely portraits of poofy-shirted past people can throw that away and add some zaniness to their homes with this odd painting of a mysterious Antlered woman from the PAST! She looks kinda like a lady in some band but the old folks don't know anything about that. I wonder if they're the same person.

Or maybe you just want another set of pictures for your wall.

WACKY pictures of someone making four, CRAZY faces! Keep your eyes peeled, because I might be doing something special with this idea~

First photos I've made, definitely not the last. They might not appeal to many people, but eh. I need more wall art! The frames are NOT included, they will have the defaults. But you can just CAST them.

Zip contains all 4, but in individual packages, so you can pick and choose.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Queens Manor- Maxis Match Desert "Manor"

No, not "Queen's". Just Queens. This home is very loosely based, on the outside at least, on a home in the Playstation 2 game Dark Cloud. In the city of Queens were homes kinda like this, and one had a cool outdoor parking spot that was the focus when building this house. Obviously I abandoned it as the focus, but it's still pretty cool :p

I'm still in the habit of trying to be unconventional with what I build. So this home has some things I'm not used to putting in homes! Like a sitting room, two front doors, Rooms accessed externally, balconies, etc. The entire upstairs can only be accessed from the outside and the "kids room" can only be accessed from the balcony.

The house opens to a sitting room and a kitchen.

Which leads to a cozy living area. I tried to make a couple of "nooks" in this house. Here's nook number one, the computer area.

Getting upstairs requires the stairs outside. To the right of them is the trash area, and to the left is a bit of external storage.

And at the top is nook number 2, a small seating area.

The master bedroom:

And to get to the children's room, one must go through nook 3: The balcony.

And in the kids room is nook 4: The bed has a canopy over it to make it feel more cozy(more than a 3x3 room, at least.)

As you can see, there's lots of space around it. Garden? Pool? Whatever. It's big enough for either!

It's 35x30. It's on the center of a lot so it can't be ruined by being put on a bigger lot, should you try and put it near a road or something. Just over 52k furnished and just under 34k unfurnished.

Absolutely no custom content, requires WA. :D