Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sharma Day Spa and Salon (Functional Day Spa replacement)

The Sharma Day Spa rabbit hole has been renovated. No longer a reference to Alice in Wonderland, it is now a functional, living, breathing building!

Well, maybe not. But it *is* very pretty, and you can go inside it.

The spa is bright and clean and blue, very calming in design and color.

"Tomb Room" objects make sure that the empty, function-less rooms are not a nuisance. They cannot be seen, whether day or night, unless a sim is inside them. And conveniently enough, sims cannot get inside them!

The front facade leads into a waiting room, for people to sit and chat while they wait for their appointments.

The waiting room features a beautiful and perhaps intimidating setpiece of the spa's "logo"- 3 statues of stunning beautiful people. These 3 statues in any arrangement are a signature of the spa.

And on the other side of the wall lies the salon. Facials and haircuts, skin treatments and makeup!

And up the stairs is the spa. Two special themed rooms are there for your pleasure, one tropical and one meant to calm you into feeling like you're floating high in the sky.

And at the end of the hall is the special Suite room, which is where the actual rabbit hole is hidden.

Sims can go in and out of this rabbit hole as they please, just like they could the original spa.

I built this in one sitting straight through. I didn't even intend on making it, I just thought to, so I did.

-World Adventures
-This free set from the store
-These roof recolors
-These counters
-These rabbit holes

Enjoy. :D


  1. I love your colouring and style.I look forward to your future creations.Feel free to stop by my blog too.http://precioussims.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for sharing. Looks nice and cool!!