Friday, March 19, 2010

Simple Interaction Renames (Updated)

STBL Editor is pretty cool. So for my preferences, I'm renaming some interactions. Want them? Here's the ones I did so far.

Updated: Added "TurnOffFire"

-Preferred Vehicle. Normally, the game says "[Name]'s Preferred [Car]". Now, it will just say "[Name]'s [Car]".

-Cuddle On Bed. Normally the interations are "Invite to Cuddle On Bed" and "Cuddle On Bed". Now, they are "Invite to Snuggle" and "Snuggle".

-Custom Music. Normally, the custom music station is called just that. Now, it says "CD Player" (Based on the assumption that the rest of the stations are actual radio stations, making Custom Music make more sense).

-Turn Off Fire. Normally, for some stupid reason, your sim "turns off" the fireplaces. I don't like that. I like to think they're real fire, not gas fire. So now, the interaction is "Put Out Fire".

Preferred Vehicle
Cuddle On Bed
Custom Music
Turn Off Fire

English only. Made with Stubble STBL editor, and will conflict anything else that changes these interaction names(though the interactions themselves are likely fine.)

I don't claim these are anything amazing, they're just simple preference tweaks to make things more realistic and less redundant. They're all less than 1kb in size, so it'll take more time to click them than to download them, and they won't waste space.