Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bridgeport With Ceilings and Cribs (Save File)

This is a save file that will give you a fresh bridgeport (time is 8:02 AM on the first day). The difference? Every floor of every lot in the world has been given a ceiling. In most cases the ceilings are fitted specifically to the room, sometimes to the house, and sometimes I just used the floor- but only if appropriate, mostly for bathrooms and kitchens.

This includes adding them where they should be but aren't, as well as properly coloring and texturing them.

I got sick and tired of seeing these ugly cream ceilings regardless of what the rest of the room was like and so I did what EA should have done and added texture to them.

I may have "missed a spot" in a couple of places, but from what I could tell, I got everything. There are some places where ceilings simply did not exist (mostly in the hidden rooms of high rise lobbies), and I could not fix that.

So now, every time you start a new game in Bridgeport, you can start a game that doesn't have ceiligns installed by a company too lazy to do anything but cream colors.

This save file also adds at least one crib to every house, and *some* of the apartments (only the ones that had a lot of room in them, just for realism purposes- someone in an apartment with a shared living/bed/kitchen room is not going to be looking to have a baby.) This is for Awesomemod since having cribs in houses is necessary for its story progression to work properly.

There is no active household, and I reset and fixed the world before saving. :D

Remember to "Save As" when you save an actual play file so that you don't have to redownload if you start a new Bridgeport game!

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fire Station (Dance Club) UPDATED

UPDATE: I removed the stereos and added the wall speaker, now that I found it. There are speakers in the main room, sitting room, dance cage, upper game room, and out back. The bar, Arcade, and Bedroom are intentionally without speakers.

The Fire Station was started when the old fire station was acquired by a rich local celebrity who wanted a club with a bit of a particular...mood to it.

Inside is a two story entry-way accessible to everyone, containing a dance floor, TV area, "sitting" area, and a bathroom. There's a third story with an all-access game room. The other rooms are MEN ONLY- The bar, the arcade, and the...the bedroom. I feel a little bad adding a bedroom to a gay bar, it's very inappropriate and all sorts of sterotypical, but I don't care, this is a sexy firehouse gay bar, deal with it.

Yes, that is a dance cage. Those Gobo lights? NEW AND IMPROVED High-tech HOVERLIGHTS!

I tested it and everything seemed to work fine, but if you want to add/remove beds or the fire truck, do so carefully- you can't replace them once you do. The lot was made with Awesomemod and "Neverremoveonlottypechange" enabled, which means I could add residential items and then change hte lot to community without losing them.

30x40. It requires Ambitions (fire truck and possibly some textures, as well as the fire poles) and World Adventures (Only thing I can recall is one statue, but if I used one item, I likely used others), and obviously Late Night.

Enjoy. :D

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Aquarius Rooftop Lounge (Aquarius Expansion)

I really like the lounge on top of a building in Bridgeport, Aquarius, but I wanted it to have more features, so I added another floor to it.

The first floor is now a really crappy bar, that anyone can get into. The third floor features the Bubble Lounge, only for really important sims (Or those who can afford to blow a few simoleons on a bribe). The pool has been reshaped and given a fountain, and the dance floor has also been redone a bit. The major addition is, of course, the third level.

This venue can now be used for bands, as well!

Probably the only good part about the first bar is that it has a window built into the pool where the water pops out of the wall. It used to have bubble blowers, but those have been moved to the VIP section.

It is not recommended to wear glasses in the bubble room. Or clothes you don't want ruined from bubble juice.

Same size as the original, because it is a replacement. Requires only Late Night.

No-Tell Motel (Apartment!)

The No-Tell Motel is an alternative to an apartment building. Don't have the proper credit history to get an apartment? Then just rent a room at the No-Tell Motel. Forever.

The motel is a cheap, crappy little place, but it DOES have a pool! I based it off a real motel, and it is loosely inspired by a bed of the same name from The Sims 1. Not much else to say. This is a fully functional apartment building, only 30x20 in size, and costs just over 14k simoleons. The other rooms are properly set as NPC rooms and NPCs will pop in and out of them. The mailbox and trash can from the normal residential lots is still there because I had no idea how to remove it or if I even should.

Before anyone whines about it, it is SUPPOSED to look tacky! Get over it!

There IS a kind of ridiculous little gate on the upper level, but it was necessary to make the doors NPC doors. NPC doors can only be made when touching an ENCLOSED public area- which is why both the first and second floors have fully enclosed public "hallways".

THE LOBBY IS DECORATED SPARSELY but you can't see anything in the shots because I have Object hiding turned on.

Requires nothing but Late Night. :D