Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Opened Up Rabbit Hole Replacements Seem to be a Hit

So here's a preview of the next one, the police station. :D

Forgive my terminology- by "Booking area" and "Booking Room" I'm referring to a room where people brought in sit around and wait to be sent on their way or put in a cell or whatever. They seem to be something only bigger cities have, they're seen a lot on some police shows. They'll call people up to a counter and give them a fine or something, detemining if they're going to be held at the station or whatever.

There are no cliche jail fences/doors as far as I know, so I opted for the more modern "door and a concrete room" kind of thing.

Anyway, I tried to keep the outside similar to the existing rabbit hole(as usual). There are actually 4 floors- but one is halved, so that there can be short rooves with a usable, routable floor on top, to keep it looking as close to the rabbit hole as possible. On the roof, at least. :p


  1. I think it's a brilliant idea to make replicas of those original Sunset valley rabbitholes. That way people can have the town looking the same way (cooler though) and yet be able to really access the buildings, which has been one of the most requested thing in sims 3 fansites.
    Good work, waiting to see more :P


  2. I really like what you are doing with Jynx's rugs!

    (And I missed you when you were banned from MTS.)

  3. Will you use the basement tool on this? I can see the possibilities for more jail cells.

    Great idea, btw. I'm really loving what you're doing.

  4. My sunset valley seems to have EXPLODED and so I am stuck with this one half finished for now.