Saturday, April 24, 2010

Diesel Sweeties Pixel Art Shirts

These designs are not mine, but they do exist as real shirts! If you think they are badass I would recommend buying them. The logos on them are different sizes than on these, but they are still awesome! These designs are from Diesel Sweeties, a pixel-art webcomic of pixels and robots and non-sequiturs and such. You can find all 3 in their shirt store! Go check it out! I'm not advertising, I promise. :p I'm just letting you know that these designs aren't mine, I'm just adapting them to the game. They are badass shirts, though.

Anyway, the shirts. There's "Metal Steve's" Pixel Skull, the shirt worn by one of the characters in the comic. I own this one! :D The skull on the real one is a lot smaller, but it's cute this way.

 And this Pixel Heart...

And this awesome Pixel Giraffe, where the shirt is the main giraffe but the only actual image on it is the details! :D The real shirt is a bit lower, but it looked weird on the male chest when muscular if I put it down there, so I moved it up a bit.

The logos will stay the same, but the shirts are CASTable.

Want a blue giraffe? HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!

All 3 found under one shirt in CAS, as variations.

These actually took a LOT longer to make than you'd think. The top of the skull refused to be straight for some reason, and I had to fiddle with the alpha forever to get it to look as good as possible. And the heart has two dark squares on it that you won't see unless up close, that absolutely REFUSED to go away (I spent 40 minutes on it. They didn't leave. :( )

Male only.

Thanks muchly to Diesel Sweeties for the awesome shirt designs. :D

Friday, April 23, 2010

Expensive Watch in 4 Flavors (Two crappy, two ok)

Pink Crystals with Leather, Pink Crystals with Chain, White Crystals with Leather, and White Crystals with Chain. All under one single watch, so it doesn't clutter up CAS.

The leather isn't too detailed, but it works. (it looks a lot better in darker colors) You can't see it in these shots, but there's also little holes for the strap buckle (though I didn't bother making one, because you never see this stuff up close anyway). It, conveniently enough, looks best when CASTed with the leather...uh...texture. Wow. I don't know why I bothered to try and texture it the way I did. Jeez.

The chain texture is the default watch. I mostly made these just to have a special watch face. :D

Males only, Teen through Elder.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

3 Logo shirts and 3 Pokemon shirts

3 Logos: The Pillows, Zelda, and The Sims 3.
3 Pokemon: Pikachu, Wobuffet, and Shuckle.

These shirts are fun. Wanna know why? Because the images on them are stencils. That means you can change the main color as normal, but the faces and logos stay the same.

The Pillows. This isn't their logo, I think, but it's a logo that shows up in the anime FLCL. It's my favorite band.

Zelda! It's the Hylian Crest.

And The Sims 3. Duh.

Example of CASTing:

And the Pokemon. Here's Pikachu:

And Wobuffet:

And Shuckle:

And Casting!

Forgive me if the image quality is a bit low, Photoshop seemed to think I wanted it to automate saving them at low quality instead of medium-high.

They're grouped together, so you'll find the logos and pokemon under one "shirt" each in CAS. 

The logos belong to their respective owners, and Pokemon are the property of Nintendo and Game Freak, not me.

Enjoy! :D

France Town Square Park Replacement (Fixed, too)

From the very first time I visited France I hated the Town Square because it had huge trees that ruined the view and made it too dark. So I changed it! And fixed it. Why do I say fixed? The damn thing wasn't even frickin' centered.

Here's the original:

And here's mine!

Much tinier trees and much more color. Much brighter and happier!

-World Adventures (duh)
-Aikea Guine's grass tiles
-Sunset Flowers by me

Enjoy :D

Light Cement (requested, maybe)

I assume this is what was wanted.

(Sorry, no in-game yet, this was just a quick thing before bed)

It's just a lighter version of the Asphalt texture.

Flower Hair for Males

Just a quick gender addition. All I did was enable it for males, I didn't adjust the fit on the head or anything, but it looks fine. For beach guys! Or fairy guys. Or beach-going fairy guys. Whatever!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Three new terrain paints

White Flowers: Just white flowers. They have a tiny tint of pink.

Sunset Flowers: Flowers with a range of sunset-like colors. Purples, oranges, yellows, and reds. It looks nice combined with other flowers (and if you lightly overlay the white flowers you can make them lighter colored)

And White Raked Sand. It's the raked sand but whiter and cleaner, more modern.

Jecht's Tattoo

So in Final Fantasy X there's this sexy-ass guy named Jecht and he has this cool tattoo. The above picture is from a different game, so it's styled differently. I couldn't find a good non-fanrt picture of how he looks in the game. All I know is that the bottom tip ends just left of the bellybutton and the top parts are near the nipples :p

It's kinda rough because as I have just learned over the past HOUR, tattoos are bullcrap to make and they get all jagged for no reason. Plus, despite changing EVERY SINGLE TEXTURE in the TSR Workshop, I couldn't get it recolorable, so it's black only. I'll probably redo it eventually. But for now it's good. :D

It does have its own thumbnail, though. It's Teen-Adult, Male only, and found under Socks.

Are there CTU alternatives?

The CTU is a piece of crap. I really do not appreciate it showing me one thing, and in-game getting something completely different, ruining my entirety of work which appeared perfect there but completely was not.

Plus CTU hasn't been updated in forever, not even for WA, and it appears to have been abandoned. Great.

Any ideas? I want these two tattoos I made :(

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Historical Society

When I was re-organizing Sunset Valley for the 10 billionth time, I placed the police station farther from the town center and ended up with an empty  lot and nothing to put on it.

So what, apart from a business already existing in town, would go on an empty lot in the business area of town? Well, a house. A house from a long time ago, that only stands where it stands because it was preserved by the town historical society.

The Historical Society is an old fashioned home, refurbished and repurposed as a learning tool and place of interest for the community. It features a large veranda, a small sunroom, and a tower. It's one of the most uncomfortable building experiences I've ever had, because it's not like anything I have ever built, in any of the Sims games. I am particularly fond, on the outside, of this area, where a large fir tree blocks the windows.

Inside is a small room in the tower base, where the children would play.

The Sitting Room has been converted into a museum, for displaying relics and gems and objects found in the town and created by citizens of the town.

The Drawing Room is still a Drawing Room. There's a chess table, TV, and some bookshelves.

The Dining Room has been turned into a display for various marble statues. They aren't statues created by artists from the town...but they're replicas which were! That's good enough.

The kitchen is still a kitchen, but the stove has been removed. Coffee is available for all patrons.

The upstairs, however, is completely preserved. Tough it isn't very secure. Sims often spend the night here.

Upstairs is the only bathroom, which is built halfway into the tower.

The master bedroom...

The children's room...

A wine storage room, where visitors are encouraged to taste the wine...since it is stored totally improperly and has developed a unique taste.

And the Study.

Outside the kitchen is a seating area and a small hedge maze. Not suitable for adults, obviously...the family who lived in this house used it as a form of entertainment, placing their toddlers in it and challenging them to find their way to the grape garden inside.

This is a community lot, but it could very easily be made residential. It is 30x30.

-There are plaques throughout the first floor and some of the second which explain what the rooms were for.  They mention a fictional family who lived in the home, but do not mention a specific town. This is so that you don't get messages about Sunset Valley while in your own world.
-The museum does not have gems, metals, or rocks in it. The game insists on dumping them into my inventory when saving the lot, despite having DONATED them. It still says they belong to me. So it doesn't have all those pretty rocks.
-The windows upstairs, the small square ones, are not the ones in the file. Those windows were made by someone who apparently takes great pleasure in randomly deleting entire sets of content from his various webpages and, since I couldn't find them, I replaced them with a base game window.

-World Adventures (tons of invisible lights are used to enhance the daytime lighting)
-Long Green Grass by Aikea Guinea, used to prettyfy the statue room.

I spent quite a while on this lot and I adore how it turned out, so please enjoy it. :D

Monday, April 19, 2010

More Minor Text Changes

NPC leaving: When an NPC leaves, they normally say "Looks like I'm done here. That'll be (money).". For the sole reason of making it so the pizza guy doesn't say that, I changed it to "That’ll be §{0.Number}!". I just didn't like that the pizza guy said it looked like he was done, because that just sounds stupid. Duh, you're done, you only have to hand me the pizza.

Consistency Fix: When you don't have enough money, the game says you don't have enough money for the service("the maid", "the babysitter", but for the pizza guy it says "to pay the pizza delivery sim". That sounds clunky to me, so I changed it to "to pay for the pizza" so that it is consistent with other text. You aren't paying for the pizza guy, but for the pizza. Right?

Reality Fix, Newspapers: The paper boy speaks way too much like an adult when angry. Normally he says "You've left way too many papers on this lot. Clean this mess up and I'll think about delivering another one.". I changed it to "You have too many old papers! I'm not gonna run over here every day to give you more if you're just wasting them!" :p

Mailman Preference Fix: This one is probably personal preference. I changed Mail Carrier to Mailman and Mail Lady. I've never heard them called anything else.

Dying: EXTREMELY minor. The interaction queue box normally says "Expire" when a sim is dying. Now it says "Die".

Sexy Spa: I like to make some things more adult. As a result, the most expensive spa package is now called "Sensual Salvation" instead of "Soothing Salvation". *cough*

All are in one zip, pick and choose~
Only 1.73kb for all of them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two Minor Autonomy Mods- Radio Stations and Newspaper Events

Simple. Two autonomy mods I couldn't find elsewhere.

First one stops sims from changing the radio stations autonomously. Especially useful for Childish sims who like that horrific child station music.

Second allows sims to autonomously check the paper for weekly events. This way you can get notified of them when a sim decides at random to read the paper, for those of us who always forget that the paper actually tells you things in this game :p It'll happen rarely, but rare is better than never. I never remember to check.