Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kingdom Hearts 2 Struggle Trophy (Sims 2 Conversion)

This is a conversion of The Struggle Trophy by medrops on MTS. This person doesn't visit or create anymore so I couldn't ask their permission, but I can't imagine they'd be opposed to this. I was TRYING to convert a hair, but found it impossible, and so I gave up and made an object instead. Way easier.

It's not two-dimensional, each "spiral" goes front or back a bit. I forgot to get a good shot of that. :p

Since this is supposed to be a unique object, it is not recolorable in any way. It is *the* struggle trophy! There can only be ONE! ...Unless you buy a bunch.

Costs 500 simoleons, found in Misc Deco. All credit to mesh/texture goes to medrops or wherever they got it from. :p

Attempting an object conversion: What am I doing wrong?

Looks fine in TSRW. But's shiny all over, and the shininess is not consistent with the mesh.

What did I do wrong? :(

Bright Fantasy Contacts: Inspired by Kingdom Hearts

These eyes are loosely inspired by Sora's eyes in Kingdom Hearts. He has huge eyes with a dark-to-light top-to-bottom gradient, tiny pupils, and just two simple black circular lines kinda splotchy around the center.

I may tweak these further later, but for now I am quite satisfied.

The "grey" color is how they look when "white". The effect works better with lighter colors, otherwise it just looks like they have a single-color iris (which can look cool sometimes). They also look nice when all black, like in the fourth picture.

The little bright spot on the left side is part of the texture, not lighting. The brighter round spot is something in-game lighting makes appear on eyes. For some reason, girl eyes are flipped- if something is on the left, it seems to be on the right on a girl's right eye (see the 5th pic for an example).

Friday, July 16, 2010

Better Vacation Pricing and Emigration Mod

Vacation Pricing by default has a set price for each age and a price for each day of travel.

I wanted a travel mod that lets you stay for a LONG time (for living in vacation homes), but also that lets you just go for visits. But if I just changed the durations, pricing would be screwed (It would cost 150,000 dollars to "move" to France for 500 days).

So I changed all 3.

Travel Durations: 3, 5, 8, 10, 500
Cost Of Traveling Per Age: 750, 1500, 3000, 3000, 1500  (3x original values)
Cost Of Traveling Per Day: 10, 5, 7 (originals are 300, 100, 200)

This way travel is still expensive (tickets and hotels), but traveling to LIVE (for 500 days) is reasonable. It's a nice middle ground.

1 Adult to France for 5 days would be 3500. 1 Adult to France for 500 days would be 8,000. 
1 Adult and 1 teen to France for 5 days would be 6000. 1 Adult and 1 teen to France for 500 days would be 9,500.

(These prices assume the Per Day price is for the whole group, not individuals. I forgot to check that.)

So the "Traveling Per Day" price can be taken as more of a "luggage shipping and ameneties" price, and when going for 500 days, it creates the artificial cost of rent and necessary documents for "moving" to another country. Sound reasonable?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Stuff In Consignment Store

This mod makes 50 objects, at the most, show up for sale in the consignment store. Default is 25.

It modifies the Consignment Register XML, which means that it will conflict with any mods that change multipliers for consignment values (based on age, skill, etc).

Miner Can Dig Up Lots of New Furniture: Beta Mod, Testers/Helpers needed

So. The miner has a chance of finding a piece of furniture blocking its way. But the furniture you can find is extremely limited.

So what I did was I went and added over 100 new items to the list of things it can find. What this means is that mining sims can now find a few of the cars, at least one bed, chair, loveseat, sofa, counter, sink (though there's 2 or 3 or 4 for these), a bunch of statues, a bunch of decorations, EVERY single rug, and one single plant, the dead tree.

So now you won't always find that stupid table lamp or stereo.

But I don't know how the game will react. I tested initially by making it so only a few cars could be found and it worked fine. The car names loaded, their thumbnails loaded, and they were properly placed into the family inventory. But I don't know if all of these objects will work! So I need people to test and report if they get any crashes while mining. Though that really should not happen, but I'm not taking chances and saying it absolutely isn't possible. :P

At the moment I have found one "Failure Object" which can be sold by clicking "Sell All", but does not cause the game to crash or anything. I will try and find out which object that could be. As long as I don't come across crashes and objects do load properly, I will be satisfied (obviously I'll try to remove the failure objects, but the main goal right now is to ensure it is a safe thing to alter and that it works.). I don't know what would cause a failure object, perhaps I have added an object that does not exist or put in a name improperly. It's pretty "lucky" that of all the possible objects, the third one I find is a broken one. :p

I have found the creepy tree and a Used Car so far with no issue.

Requires WORLD ADVENTURES and AMBITIONS. Lots of the findable objects are egyptian since they also happen to look old. There are a few asian and french things as well, and nectar objects.