Saturday, March 27, 2010

World for Sim and Clothing Creators/Using CAS and Nothing Else (Updated)

UPDATE: Added a 40x40 version, for taking sim pics on. You could build a studio there.
Mediafire seems to be having some issues, adding a new download link would just take up space- just keep trying, or try again later, sorry!

This took no time to make, but the concept is cool enough to me that I will share it.

Sometimes I want to make a sim. And when making a sim I do not need my hood to load. So rather than wait for it to load...

I made a world specifically for it. It's the smallest world size possible with NO details but a 5x5 lot in case you wanna check your sim in-game. You dont even need to make a save file, because clicking New Game and choosing this takes less than 3 seconds to load. Compared to, what, 2-3 minutes or more for a populated world? And it's actually better if you dont make a save, because that means the game doesn't have to remember NPCs or magic homeless sims who might show up when checking out a sim. (Plus that cute CAS logo I made shows up every time :p)

It's less than 3MB in size and I've already gotten a ton of use out of it. Hopefully sim and clothing creators will get some, too.

Friday, March 26, 2010

EA Slipup fix: Imply Mother is a Llama

Uh, hello? EA? Llamas are kinda sacred to sims. They're the national animal of SimNation, their sports team is The Llamas, they go to Llama Memorial Stadium, the people love them.

So why the heck do our sims imply other's mothers are a llama when they get pissed off?

This is a big slip-up and I hate it. I adore the consistency in these games and this, honestly, is the biggest slip up in it I've noticed.

So I changed it. Since I can't change the thought balloon that shows up during said interaction, I changed it to "Imply Mother is an Alpaca". That way the picture still fits a bit, and it's probably pretty insulting. We can pretend Alpacas are, like, the anti-llama. Ugly, fat, dumb, boring!

Just look at that smug alpaca! Screw him!

Changes all "Imply Mother is a Llama" interactions, including Wishes. Only for English.


(Super thanks to Anubis for making Navi!)


I don't have anything relevant so have a picture of Link looking out on Champs Les Sims at sundown.

Anyway, 5000 views!!! And my world has 150 downloads!

Some fun facts:

-900 unique page views today

-150 of those 900 downloaded what they came to see. According to sitemeter and comparing it to my download numbers, about 500 downloaded something but only 150 downloaded what they came to the page to see. (The Wraithsands)

-The average time spent on the site was 4 minutes and 50 seconds, and for some reason there were 2,200 page views (in general, non unique) today.

-Visitors were mostly referred from one site. Some were referrred from smaller individual sites, and one was referred from a japanese site which lists the Process filter. Thanks to said smaller sites for linking to me. :D

-Two visitors came from google searches, for two things that they did not find when they clicked. One searched for "Rabbit Hole Replacements", looking for items that replaced the sims 3 rabbit holes , and instead found buildings built with mini replacements inside, and another searched for the forensics outfit, and instead found my unlocked version which comes with preset colors that make it look like footy pajamas.

-The farthest visitor was 9,000 miles and the closest was 21.

Thanks for all the views~! :D

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everyone can Sponge Bathe (Requested)

Just 2 minutes ago I said I'd have this done within the hour. It was easier than I expected. I guess I'm modest. :P

This mod makes it so no trait is required to sponge bathe- anybody can do it. A neat sim who is a perfectionist and neurotic who is never nude and hydrophobic? Yep, they can sponge bathe. Anybody can.

Pretty cool for homeless sims or really poor sims, this was a good idea.

Don't use it with "Slobs can Sponge Bathe".

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


UPDATE: For those who downloaded the sims3pack version, I added a link to the save game folder. Sorry about that!

UPDATE 2/27: Added a new save file. The other apparently wouldn't extract for people. 

UPDATE 2/28: If the save file that comes with the .world version doesn't work, download the one posted way at the bottom! It is confirmed to work perfectly! :D

Finally! Finally I have completed a world!

Hundreds of years ago, there was a great war in the desert. Two sides met where two rivers met, and fought. At the center of these rivers was a desert between high rock walls, and lots of people lived here. The fighting was ruining their desert and staining it with blood. The people, desperate, prayed and prayed to their god to stop the war and let them get back to their peaceful lives.

And their god responded. But their god was not the best god. He sometimes would accidentally tell someone to stop cooking and use the toilet, setting their house on fire. Sometimes he'd forget to put a phone in someone's house and they'd go weeks without noticing. He wasn't very good at what he did.

So his response to the war was to kill everyone involved, except the people of the desert. But in his incompetence, the god...well, killed everyone. A giant wave rushed towards the desert, drowning everyone, even the innocent.

The water washed away to reveal an odd shape in the sand. It was the river, which now flowed away from the sea, never allowing such a war to happen again, since nobody could get back to the town.


500 years or so later, the god managed to fix things. Kinda. Everyone was suddenly revived- it was as if they had never died. They didn't even know a second had passed. Since the Reaper hadn't been able to reach them beneath the waters, no one was sent to the afterlife, and they were essentially in stasis. What's more, the resurrection lead to immense prosperity! Plants grew all over the place! Grass surrounded the water!

In his incompetence, the god also resurrected those who had already died! The people who died before the wave came back, too. Most opted to jump right back into their graves and go back to their condos in the afterlife, but some stayed behind.

A couple years passed. The normal world found out about this world of ghosts and it has begun to be populated. Scientists, occult-obsessed goths, regular people looking for a change, and voyeurs who want to see the ghosts, all moving into the desert. After all, it's modern times...the rivers won't let any boats in, but there's nothing stopping the planes.

What will happen?

Will your sim be a ghost? A ghost-watcher? A scientist? A curious goth? Will the ghosts live in peace with the living? It is up to you, in the Wraithsands.


The Wraithsands is divided into a few districts. There's...

The developing town, Polterton. The sims weren't very...sensitive. So the name is a bit of a tourist trap kind of thing.

Polterton has a small residential area, built around a palm forest. Only a bit of the forest remains, made into a park for adults...

And a park for children.

Another small park leads into the town center, which is punctuated by an ENORMOUS manmade oasis/reflecting pool.

Which is surrounded by the school...

The Shopping District...

The Hospital/Sunstroke Clinic...

And City Hall. There's also a boring Police Station.

Far down the highway is another district...

A small hick town along the highway.It is called Kalamiaris.

Highlights include:

The Wraithsands Whailer's Stadium...

And a small underdeveloped housing district of cheap, prefabricated homes. There's also an office, a spa, and a grocery store. This is meant to be so that sims have to commute. Sims who live here must go to the city for those jobs, and those in the city must come here to work in an office.

Across from the small town is this little area of homes, situated near an oasis. Nobody quite understands where the water comes from, but it's assumed to be a miracle brought on by The Resurrection.

This area is lucky to have a full water table- which is exploited by the village center, a fancy oasis.

At the far north of town is another small cluster of homes.

Which rests down the road from the immigration office and airport.

The other side of the river is home to a more prosperous little area, which is home to an oasis- WITH A TOMB HIDDEN UNDER IT- and a palace.

Rumor has it that the man in the palace is actually one of the warriors from the war, brought back in the ressurection, living in secrecy.

Across the river by the pyramid is yet another near-identical palace.

Which, too, is said to be home to another warrior...from the other side.

And near it is the badlands, a barren, rocky area with little significance.

Near the point where the rivers meet is a small farmland.

Which rests in front of a rocky crag, which used to have religious significance to the people, but the significance has been lost. It is nothing more than a point on the horizon.

The river forks have a few small houses and a few cmpsites, as well.

And behind the hills is an enormous oasis.

Since it's hard to tell, here's an image to give you an idea of just how freaking enormous this world is.

That is the oasis I just showed you.

So what kind of sims live here? I don't have many example pictures, but the ghosts mostly have their own stories. For example...

The males in the center are lovers. The woman on the left is the left man's mother, and the man on the right is the right man's father. The two could not be together when their parents were alive. But their parents died, the mother in a cooking accident, and the father of old age. When this happened, the two moved in together. But when the resurrection happened, their parents came back...and didn't leave like some of the others. Now they're stuck with their bigoted parents in their home. What will they do?

When this woman and her family were killed by the wave, her son's body floated away. It didn't stay in the when everyone was resurrected, her child was left behind. He is lost in the afterlife and his mother desperately seeks a way to get him back. Will she find one?

Other families include A pair of scientists, one obsessed with the ghosts, the other trying to get him to notice her, and a pair of goths, who hope to get to know the ghosts and probably won't be very graceful about it. 

There's also a home in a few places you might recognize. It is sunken into the ground for cooling purposes...but one is inhabited by foreigners who just might bear a familiar pair of faces.

There are also guest appearances by de-custom-content-ified versions of a couple sims i have made. :D
This world is complete. It has houses, rabbit holes, spawners (though I can't for the life of me remember where the hell they are), everything. It does not have every spawner(though you can add whatever ones you want to any lot using the debug catalog), and it is far from being full of lots (there are plenty of empty ones to choose from). Some homes were built by me from scratch, but plenty of them were taken from Egypt. A lot of the sims were made by me, but some are renamed and ghost-ified egyptian families, too. I tried to give almost every family a story.

When playing the world, you might notice 4 lots: An empty lot with a small mine on it, two pyramids, and "Abu Simbel". These are empty community lots. I intend on eventually building tombs to fill them, but don't wait up for them. :p

(Here's some pics of the lots. There are 114 lots on this world!)

When you first open the world, you will be playing a sim who is living in a completely unfinished home.

Those plaques will recount, in detail, the story of the world and what it is for. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to have your sim read them. :D

This world requires NO custom content. Absolutely none. 

To install it, extract the .world file to documents/electronicarts/thesims3/installedworlds. Extract the save folder to documents/electronicarts/thesims3/saves. 

There are minor issues:

-The water has some of those stupid triangles of no-water. This appears in France, most obviously, and in a couple places in riverview. It's really hard to avoid and I couldn't fix it, so it's unfortunately there. It's not a big deal, though.

-There's one lot I forgot to rename. :( I re-used the Al Simhara market in one place, and forgot to give it a name to distinguish it from the one in Al Simhara. D:

-I also used rapids to make some of the river flow away from the ocean. But these rapids for some stupid reason float above the water. You can't see them from up close, but if you're zoomed out a bit it might be obvious. :\

-The Egypt Distant Terrain is impossible. The river edges are very clearly too high for the edges of the distant terrain, but you never need to move the camera that far anyway.

-After a week of in-game play I just noticed a non-connected road intersection. Directly next to my sim's house. I guess since it took me a game week to notice it it isn't a big deal, but still. ;______;

-When sims work at the science lab, the car pool will take them to the wrong side of the river, at which point the sim gets in a taxi and goes to the lab. It's weird but not really a problem.

HIGHLY RECCOMENDED: This mod, which makes ghosts walk like normal sims. Without it the ghosts will just float around like idiots, going really really really freaking slow, and getting to work/school/parties/etc really late.
 I don't think I forgot anything.

Please, please enjoy. I spent an absolute eternity on this and I'm very proud of it. It sucks I'm not on MTS to share this there anymore, so hopefully it can get exposure regardless.

Moreso than anything I've uploaded...Enjoy. :D

The Wraithsands

And if you can't get the .world version to work, try this Sims3pack!
Save Game  (Updated)

WHEN EXTRACTING THE SAVE GAME FOLDER: Place it in the Saves folder and rename it, adding ".sims3" to the end!