Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are any of you followers CC creators?

I'm gonna go ahead and abuse the concept of followers to make a request. ;) It's worth a try, right?
I'm too lazy to go around and see which creators take requests so I'll just toss it out there and see if anything happens. Sound good? :D

I am looking for a simple, one-color costume mask for males and females (adult only would be fine) of stitches. Stitches look very simple, but I can't manage to get anything to look right because I don't understand how the curves on a txture for a sim work. So I end up with wiggly lines and stretched stiches and such.

Mostly I want something like this:

Or like this:

Or maybe both.

A "glasgow smile" stitch pattern on the mouth (that means it goes back to under the ears), a stitch above the eyebrow, and a stitch around the neck.

And another with a smile stitch that doesn't go all the way back, and a stitch around the neck.

That alone would be awesome! But I can't manage it, they always come out lumpy. Either/or, just one, whatever, I would be grateful for any. Any takers? :p

(The characters, if you're curious. are Madaraki Fran, AKA Franken Fran, a girl from a Horror/Comedy Manga of the same name who has the mindset of a child but the surgical skills of a god, and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, a living rag doll stuffed with autumn leaves. )

I haven't uploaded anything in a while because I've been struggling to get properly shaped lines for something like this, and I give up :P