Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunnyside Suites Apartments

This is my least favorite upload. I don't like it.

 Since I discovered when building the Sharma Day Spa that tomb markers + windowed rooms = black windows, I figure that's a pretty awesome way of making an apartment look realistic: Keeping you from seeing inside the rooms that aren't yours.

So this is the Sunnyside Suites Apartments. It's an apartment building with 7 suites, that get larger the higher up you go- but 6 of them are completely hidden to your eye. YOUR suite...is on the top floor.

I'm not 100% satisfied with the outer look of this lot, but I dunno what to do with it. The inside, however, I adore.

Somewhat regal on the outside, this apartment is intended for the richer of the city. Those used to the big city and loft-style apartments.

The inside is similarly regal, with fancy carved paneling and mini chandeliers.

Just inside is a small party room that residents can use at will, usually used as a hang out around lunch time.

But since these apartments aren't YOURS...you cannot see into them. (Rest assured, however, that they are walled.) The smaller apartments are not decorated in any way, but if you want, you could easily open them up and decorate them to have a few sims living here at once, in their own rooms. The doors are locked by default, though.

But up the stairs at the end of the final staircase is a door, leading to some stairs, leading to...

Your suite!

Small and stylish, and totally yours. Rise high above the town!

And at night, the deck and pool are things of beauty, thanks to some fancy lighting tricks using invisible WA lights, to keep lighting looking natural as it spreads up walls and into the pool.

This lot is 30x40, and will cost your sim about 200k to move into.
-World Adventures
-The furniture in the Suite is from High End Loft Stuff. You don't NEED it, but you will if you want it to look the same.

Enjoy. :D

Update: I just noticed I somehow forgot a stove. Or a single sink. I think I was distracted by the pretty counters and the buffet table, and somehow it slipped my mind. Whatever, there's a BUFFET TABLE! Live it up! Screw cooking!

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