Friday, March 19, 2010

SimNation Autos

Where the heck do all our sims even buy those cars they own? They're not...exactly...brands that we're used to. So they must be SimNation made. But that still doesn't explain where we buy them from! I doubt our sims go to the mall and walk out with a car.

So for a bit more added is SimNation Autos!

Forgive me for any inaccuracies, but I've been in two of these places (one in GTA: Vice City, one for real), and I tried to gather all their common traits:

-Cars in windows
-Lots of windows
-A car portrayed on a pedestal
-Open ceiling with a second floor for fancy cars

Inside has a few cars displayed, as well as a bunch of Kenspas! There's a couch for people to wait for the dealer.

The dealer has his own non-threatening office. Though maybe it is threatening. He's got his fancy car and his car's awards all lined up behind him, he's gonna be pissed that you're only there for a Sloppy Jalopy.


The car on display in the front window.

The cars upstairs, and a seating area for talking with a dealer. The dealer logo is in here, too, as well as against the wall outside.

The cheap and smaller cars...

The expensive family cars...

And the fancy expensive sportscar! The rest of the expensive cars are inside, displayed upstairs.

I think I got the feeling of an overzealous car dealership down pretty well. And it only requires 3 custom content objects! (Granted, one is a set of 44 windows...but they're good windows.)

Lot size is 30x40

-These Windows
-These Roof Colors (for the dome on top)
-These community lot cars
-World Adventures

This lot is not functional. It does not *do* anything. It's simply there because I think it's a cool idea and it adds yet another extra bit of decorative realism to the neighborhood. I personally built it on the lot where the Diner was.

Enjoy :D


  1. Thanks for your work on opening up rabbit holes, and for this neat idea. Just one request, could you post the lot sizes when you post the lots? (sorry, don't mean to sound like the mods it seemed like you started this blog to avoid) Just because i would like to get an idea of where in town i'd be able to place them, and i'm sure others would as well.

  2. Sorry! I always forgot that on MTS, too, and then I'd have to open the game again to check.

    I remember this one though, it was 30x40.

  3. I love all your work!
    Anyways, i have a question, but can't find your e-mail.
    So.. i will do it here!


    I'm Jordoosims, and i created a Mini-EP with magic stuff made by many creators.
    You can see it here:

    But i forgot to ask you and other creators permission. =O
    So i want to ask you..

    Can i use your stuff in my Mini-EP's (this one and upcoming ones?)with a credit to you ofcourse!
    I mean that i don't have to ask it every time ya understand?

    I hope i get a reply soon!

  4. Hey, nice to find that you have your own site now! I like your "opened rabbit hole" ideas, have downloaded the factory and the spa and look forward to trying them out, plus this nifty car showroom. Nice work!

  5. thanks for updating with the lot size, though i did figure it out by taking a closer look and noticing it was behind the default location of the hospital (which might be sad that i know most of the lot sizes based on placement, i do a lot of town editing). you're right to say it's not functional, but aren't most of the community lots just eye candy anyway? thanks again for this, i'm definitely going to find a nice spot for it in my town.