Monday, November 7, 2011

Champs Les Pets Park

This is an updated version of the small park in the center of town in Champs Les Sims, for use with Twallan's Traveller mod or for Champs Les Sims base world. It adds various dog and cat equipment so your pets can anjoy the park too! It also makes the park significantly less hideous.

Requires World Adventures and Pets.

  (Sorry to use 4shared, mediafire is not cooperating! All other downloads are still hosted on mediafire, though.)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Less Filling Food

This mod makes pretty much all food less filling. The MAXIMUM amount of Hunger any sim can get from any food is now 150 as opposed to 200.

Before, the best food around would be able to bring a sim back from being one point away from death all the way to completely full. Now, if a sim is 1 point from death (1), they will only be able to go up to 151, or about 3/4 of the way through their motive bar. This is because sims should be eating more often than only when htey are about to starve. Makes it easier to have meals throughout the day rather than just one big one at breakfast and a snack later.

It also makes each meal a little less filling in general. Snacks now can't give any more than 30 points of hunger. You can no longer eat a snack and fill more than half your hunger! Juice is now also much less filling. It also makes Simbots gain pretty much no hunger from any food (except scrap).

Made with and for patch 1.26, edits the EatHeldFood xml.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Paradise Revisited (Playable Paradise with prebuilt lots and Pets compatibility!)

Remember Paradise? It was a world I made. A small tropical island. But it didn't have anything on it.

Now that we have a couple EPs and our sims can survive pretty well without jobs, I've built it into someplace worth living in. It now features a public garden, lookout, graveyard, two houses (one occupied), a playground, and a beach hangout/study area. There are a few empty lots for you to do as you wish.

Horses, Deer, and Raccoons will spawn. I placed quite a few small pet spawners too. Cats can find small pets via hunting. The wild animals (horses for sure, not sure about others) don't disappear to an NPC pool- they hang around on the island 24/7. :)

POSSIBLE ISSUE: Paradise initially had an issue where sims spawned at a random spot, ran away from it, and disappeared. These were NPCs being spawned by the world. They...may not ever stop doing this. They aren't an intrusion, though.

You can not use any service requiring a road. You cannot order pizza, adopt a pet, have a maid, etc. If you want to get a pet, you must either make it in CAS, hope for a neighbor to spawn an adoption, adopt a stray, or spawn one with debug commands.
You need the World Adventures version of Paradise to play.  Also requires Grant's OMSP. This save game requires World Adventures, Ambitions, Generations, and Pets. Place the files from the .zip in Documents/ElectronicArts/TheSims3/Saves.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

NPCs more likely to ask YOU to move in with THEM (1.26)

This is an update of a looooong ago mod that made AI sims askyou to move in more often. Some people don't even know this is possible. If your sim has a high relationship, a friend might ask them to move into their house. But the default chance of this is only 1%, and only 2% if the relationship is romantic. I've bumped it up to 50% and 100%. Don't worry, they'll only ask once every 3 days.

Friday, October 28, 2011

More or Less Wild Animals (A hundred flavors- Testing)

More Strays- Also makes strays stay on the lot longer (at least 2 hours, at most 4) and show up more often (At least one every 48 hours). DOES NOT INCREASE THE NUMBER OF STRAYS IN THE WORLD. This is a compatibility package for the following packages so that they actually do something. You NEED THIS. Maximum 5 is default. What this does is determines how many strays the game world can create at max, REGARDLESS of how many possible strays there are of any given type.


Stray Modifiers:

No wild Horses (Unicorns still spawn)
No wild Horses (No Unicorns)

No Deer
No Raccoons
No Cats
No Dogs

More Deer
More Raccoons

Only Raccoons
Only Deer
Only Horses (and Unicorns)
Only Dogs
Only Cats
Only Unicorns

Only download ONE of the above! They all change the same file so they are not compatible with each other. If you would like any other combination, they are very easy to edit. Open them in S3PE and find where it says:


And simply change the numbers for whatever type of animal you want. You can change how many are available for adoption or breeding ("Stallion") as well. I am not entirely sure what EP5Max_MinSpec does, so just make it the same number as EP5Max.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Expensive Pet Food

This multiplies the cost of pet food by 5 or 10, to 50 or 100 simoleons. It does not change how much food the bowl fills with.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autonomous Pet Woohoo and Less Chance For Pet Pregnancy (Testers Wanted)

So hey, autonomous pet woohooing. Seems reasonable.

Default pregnancy rate for dogs and cats: 60%.
New pregnancy rate: 2%.

Mods are separate just in case you want to have hundreds of puppies without trying.

Less Chance to Startle Deer

This mod halves the chance a sim will startle a deer. Pretty simple.

This file also changes the Wildlife Friend skill or whatever it is. By default someone with this skill (I honestly don't know what it is, might be hidden?) gets the chance of startling dropped by 20. Since this mod drops the chance of startling a deer at mid-range distance to 25, I have dropped this to 5. Once the skill is maxed, it normally drops the chance by 100- meaning the sim can get right up to the animal no problem. This mod will drop that to 50. This is because the chance to startle a deer when you're very close is now 47, so there's no need for it to be that high. It also means that you won't get an enormous jump in your sims' ability to approach animals just by getting one skill point.

Not entirely sure how all that works, but the gist of it is that this will make it harder to startle deer, no matter what.

Tougher Bills (updated for Pets)

This is a mod that makes billing much harder. Now updated for Pets!

The default billing rate is .013 the value of a sim's household. This means that if your house was worth exactly 20k, you would be billed 260 simoleons a week. This raises it to .05, meaning a home worth 20k would bring 1,000 simoleon bills each week.

That means that if your sim was, say, level 1 in the Business career, they'd bring in 810 simoleons in a week. Woops! Can't afford the bills, sucks for you. A sim at level 1 business career could afford a 16,000 dollar home, at 800 a week- but they wouldn't be able to afford food. This means a sim at level 1 business career must have a home of, say, 15k to live comfortably. That would cost 750 simoleons a week, allowing 60 for food. 

A criminal sim at level 1 will bring in 510 a week, meaning they could live in a 9,000 simoleon house with minor discomfort.

Two sims working business and law enforcement at level 1 would bring in 2010 simoleons a week. They could easily live in a 20k home.

Level 1 jobs are no longer something sims can live on, especially if living on their own. You will NOT be able to afford a comfortable house until you work for it or get promoted. Part time jobs won't properly pay for a single sim's housing until they get to level 3.

With the base game a sim at level 3 of the culinary career, bringing in 1170 per week, could easily afford a 50k house (650 per week). Not so now- they'd need 2500 to do so- something they won't get until level SIX! (Unless they have a partner or roommate)

This means you will have POOR sims. This means you will NEED to advance in a job. This means writers, painters, etc will NEED a part time job. This makes disposable income MUCH harder to come by. It makes saving important- don't go and immediately spend as much money as you can when making a new sim, you damn well better do the math to make sure they can actually afford the house you're building for them! The more money you make, the more expensive your home can be, and the easier it is to sustain it. The more money-bringers you have the easier it is, as well.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grandma's House Collection

A collection of items to decorate Grandma's house, including Grandpa's chair. Nobody else can sit in it!

I've discovered that if you save an object's specific recolor, that recolor is the one saved to the thumbnail in a collection. It also becomes auto-selected when the object is taken from the collection. So the objects are colored in the collection as you see them here, for quick and easy placement if you like the colors. :)

Remember- you CAN use collections that contain items you don't have. You just won't see those items in the list.

Missionaire Collection

The Mission item set in The Sims 3 is totally ridiculous. Tons of the objects do not say "Missionaire" in the name. Some say "Mission" instead of missionaire. Some have spanish-influenced names. Some don't. So finding all the items in regular play is downright impossible.

So hey, here's all the Mission items along with some Mission-like items and some walls and floors I felt went with them, all in one collection. The collection icon is that of a Spanish-ish cluster of buildings, like the ones in Pleasantview in Sims 2. :D

To install, place the file in Documents/ElectronicArts/TheSims3/Collections/User.

HOW TO: Share Collections

Step 1. Make a collection.
Step 2. Exit the game. (Do not make multiple collections to share at once- their files are not named and you may get confused when sharing them.)
Step 3. Go to MyDocuments/ElectronicArts/TheSims3/Collections/User
Step 4. Arrange the folder by Date Modified. Find the package file that matches the time you last added something to your collection. It should be the most recent file.
Step 5. Change the name! You can rename collection files. Give it a really good descriptive name so people know what they've got.
Step 6. Share it!

All it takes to share the collection is that one single file. Another player sticks it into their Collections/User folder and it appears in game! You can use objects from any expansion/stuff pack and even custom content- the objects simply won't appear in the collection if the other player does not have them.

Pool Collection

If you add this to your ElectronicArts/TheSims3/Collections/User folder, you'll get a Pool collection, containing all sorts of pool-relevant objects. The collection does include things from each expansion/stuff pack, but it will work fine regardless of which expansions/stuff packs you have. It simply will not show objects you do not have.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Smooth Motive Drop (Forgiving version)

This is a new version of Smooth Motive Drop (1.24). In the old version, hunger, hygiene, and energy dropped at a constant rate instead of slowing down and speeding up based on how high/low they were.

This is the same thing, except when hunger reaches -81, it slows significantly to give you time to save your sim's life. With the original version, if you waited too long to start feeding your sim, they could easily die during cooking.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Smooth Motive Drop updated for 1.24

This updates the Smooth Motive Drop mod to work with 1.24. All settings are the same. 1.24/generations added a special energy decay for toddlers. I did not alter it, so toddler energy will not drop smoothly. Toddlers are stupid.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Old Pier Water Park

A replacement for Old Pier Beach which turns it into a water park of sorts. Sleeping bags, a tree house, a small pool overlooking a water feature slip and slide so parents can watch their kids, and a fountain to play in!