Friday, March 19, 2010

Is this a major breakthrough? I've made a house with an exposed, functioning, basement.

With a proper stairway from "foundation" to basement, and windows on the edge(they are visible from in the basement, too)

I'll probably make a proper tutorial later, but here's what I did:

1. Raise the land a few clicks
2. Put a basement to test
3. Using Constrainfloorelevation False, flatten the land around the basement
4. Go to the basement and, using moveobjects on, place privacy windows
5. Check. Are they visible? You're good. No? Try again. delete the basement, raise the land some more.
6. Once it's good, build your basement and flatten the land around it.
7. Put a foundation next to the exposed wall of your basement.
8. Is the foundation height the same as the exposed wall? If so, you're good. If it's too low, build it on a tiny raised piece of land to get it to match.
9. Once the foundation is at the right height, build it around the perimeter of the basement.
10. Use the invisible tiles around the edge of the foundation to place floor OVER your basement
11. There will be gaps in the center that can't be tiled. Place a foundation piece in those, and add more floor. Delete the foundation, and add floor where it was(since there's floor around where it was, you can now place floor there)
12. REpeat until the entire thing has floor.
13. Build walls on the floor
14. Remove floor for stairs
15. Place stairs


An extremely simplified explanation is that a bunch of floating floor tiles with deleted foundations(and therefore no support, just plainf loating) are floating over an exposed basement, made to stick out using CFE. It's surprisingly simple.

I don't believe I've seen anyone do something like this yet. As far as I know people still think it's impossible.

A lot in China has stairs going direct from floor tiles to a basement, through the ground. I do not know for sure, but I think a similar method may have been used there.

I'm currently uploading a video of me pressing "redo" to show off the steps. I can't post on MTS anymore, but if someone feels like it, a topic about this in the building forum might be nice. I'd like to know if this has been done before and whether or not I'm special and badass for figuring out a way to do it. :p


  1. this definitely seems like a step in the right direction, why does ea make it so difficult for us to do stuff like this? also, why are you banned from mts, i noticed that today when i wanted to redownload one of your old lots.

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  3. I'm banned from MTS because 90% of the people there are completely incompetent morons, and you're not allowed to point that out or get frustrated by it.

    MTS takes a "let them be stupid and feed them cookies to encourage it" stance on that kind of thing, so it'll never get better, anyway. The stupidest of people are catered to in every way (with guidelines shoved in your face on every page, a bar at the top that is ALWAYS at the top, etc.), and when those same people IGNORE all that stuff put there just for them, they're catered to some more- by being given a cookie and gently told that they somehow managed to post in the wrong place, or something. It's pathetic.

    Anyway, I posted a video to go along with this, in a new post. :D

  4. Very cool, i just watched it. It feels like a real basement instead of just a weird hole in the ground. Though watching it i realized that it's really only for creating new homes (unless you're going to clear out the first floor of a multi story), which i've not yet gotten into that part of the sim experience. Right now i'm mainly focusing on opening up the custom buildings i have in my town that basically just dressed up rabbit holes. I used some of your ideas from the school building (i have the Chrysanthemum Private Academy from mts), the photography room w/ dark room was a particularly neat couple of rooms. I laughed at your take on mts. It is annoying to have the same warning labels at the top of every download, yet it's mind blowing when you go through the comments of most things and see people complaining about how something won't work or how a download broke their game when it's always some easy issue. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the video, i'll come back to it when/if i start making my own houses.

  5. This is why I don't post much on MTS or read the posts much. :P

  6. the video is gone =(