Saturday, March 13, 2010

EAxian Reboot:: Shearwater

This is a dumpy ugly little crappy stupid lot by EA, made fancy and ultra modern. I changed nothing about the physical structure of the lot, but simply redecorated the hell out of it. This house is the first time I tried making a house based on a single color theme. Because of that, it's completely chrome inside. Don't like it, but like the outside? Then buy it unfurnished :p It's a lot more fun to look at than you'd think. It feels very sterile and futuristic.


Original house:


Changes: Everything. Well, no. The house is the same shape, size, everything. Anything different is a recolor or an addition. Fences, terrain, plants, furniture, pretty much. The lot now features "Infinity Sand". Like an infinity pool, but with raked sand. It looks pretty cool. There's a pathway down to a pool, which has little "planters" in it. It's mostly decorative, but it can be used just fine. The front pathway has a small decorative pool with a light in it, with some fancy lighting tricks used to make the light extend outside of hte pool instead of just inside it(since the light inside the pool is, after all, considered on another floor). The house does have beautiful vista by default, but might not when you replace it. 

For some reason, some things aren't shiny in the pics. The counters should be brighter and shinier, as should the bed, tables, etc. But they aren't. Not sure why. It's prettier in-game.

White, white, chrome, and white. A painting and some plants add some green and yellow accents, but everything else is shiny and sterile. Neat sim paradise?

I won't bother with lot size because of this important fact: This lot can ONLY be placed where the original Shearwater is. If you try to place it anywhere else, it will sink into the ground, so that the highest point will be at ground level. I feel bad uploading lots that can only go in one place, but I didn't make this one to upload initially, so eh.

-World Adventures
-HELS is not *required* but you won't have the stairs or fish tank without it!
-Half Walls
-This fridge, which removes basically all the texture of the cheapo fridge. The original fridge has a disgustingly ugly smudgy stain looking texture on it, and in trying to remove it, I made a super clean super shiny version. It doesn't replace the original and it can be recolored just fine, it's simply really bright and pristine. It's not required.

Have fun. :D

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