Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Badass Belly Shirt for Boys

It's a belly shirt. It's badass. It's for boys.

Only the hottest sims can pull it off.

Show off your abs! Tantalize with barely hidden pectorals!

Give everyone a sneak peak at those shoulder blades!

I spent quite a while getting these to look right. I made sure to include all the proper seams, as well as the shading(if you look at the grey shirt picture, you can see that it's shaded and not absolutely flat). There is one issue- the pattern might not match up at one of the side seams.

This is true of real shirts, so its not a big deal. I dont know if the in-game t-shirt does this too, or not. This shirt is based on that one.

It comes in grey, the stylish skull diamond pattern, and black. There is only one recolorable channel, the whole thing.

This is based on the nude top mesh, so it is compatible with SAMMMM!

The name, for those idiots at MySims3Blog who couldn't figure it out, is indeed tongue in cheek. ;)


  1. I was able to make Benimaru Nikaido (a character from The King of Fighters videogame), thanks to that shirt!! Thanks a lot Claeric!!
    Do you take clothing requests??

  2. SO MANLY!

    And hey, the idiots are half the fun. ;)