Monday, March 8, 2010

Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher

I like making things for The Sims. I get a great deal of pleasure out of it. I love making new things, and I love sharing them.

So here is where I'll do that. :D It is that simple.

It might not be my own site, and it might not be somewhere big and visited by thousands daily, but it's something.


  1. Screw thousands of hits daily. Keep making stuff if you like to do so, and sharing it with us greedy downloaders. I, for one, will be keeping an eye on your blog.

    PS: It's their loss. ;)

  2. I just found your blog and have to say that your work is incredible! I've been playing the Sims series since the release of The Sims in 2000. I can honestly tell you that I've not come across better Sim Crafting, Modding, or Building than yours.

    Keep creating if you have a love for it; the quality of your work will assure you get your fair share of hits! ;)

    I agree with the previous poster; it IS their loss! Besides, who needs that stuffy, uppity, submission process anyway? I've always wondered 'who' exactly are the MODs and what credential do they possess that allows them to judge the creativity of others?

    In any case . . . I truly enjoy your amazing work . . . Thank You! :)

  3. Hi. Happy Easter! (I really love your site.)