Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Simple Unicorn Horn

Open your eyes, I see your face. YOUR EYES ARE OPEN.

I'll probably update this eventually, or make a new one. But for now I thought it might be something people might want. :D It has a few issues- I would prefer a transition from skin to horn, but that would be really hard to pull off, and I'd like it to have a built-in spiral texture, but cones are hell to UV map. Some people say the tip shouldn't be sharp, but what use is a horn if you can't stab with it? So for now, this is all it is, and I like it well enough to share it. If you wanna alter it yourself, go right ahead. It really is just a cone.

It looks best with a stripe texture, as shown. Most textures won't work well on it, because, like I said, cones are hell to UV map.

Found in CAS as Earrings for both genders.

Special Thanks: Robot Unicorn Attack


  1. Howdy Shivar!

    I've been digging through your site and I have to say you have a huge amount of unique ideas, despite what some of the CC community shits out of their mouths about you.

    So let me thank you now for doing something I haven't figured out how to do my self. :)

    Now, with the point of the comment. ;)

    Is there any way you could scale down the size of the horn by about 60%? I'm looking to make some fantasy sims and your horn, while functional and useful, is a touch on the large end of things.

    It looks a touch crazy on females, so that's all I'm asking. I'm not sure how to go about resizing them myself as most people aren't looking for scaled things, but rather totally new things.

    Thanks for reading my comment and considering my request, but by all means, don't waste your time on this if you've got something cooler in the works. :)

  2. This is really neat, but since it's earrings it doesn't work with the hat sliders right? If it was compatible with the hat sliders it would be size adjustable, this is the only unicorn horn i've found but it's too big for my sim :(

    1. Found a smaller horn through this discussion. Not slider compatible but it looks pretty good

  3. give for childs