Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sims Console for Sims 3: Mom's House

In The Sims for console, the only mode available when you start the game is "Get a Life". You start out in a luxurious mansion...but quickly wake up to find you're asleep on the couch in Mom's House.

Your goal is to do various things to get out of her house, and move in with someone else- and over and over, until you make your way back to the mansion. But this place is the first step and the first house you spend extended time at in the game.

I tried as hard as possible to CAST things in this house to match their console counterparts and I think I got it pretty close! Playing it makes me feel like I'm playing an updated version of the console game.

Mom's House is violently small. There are only two rooms, and the kitchen/dining/living/bed areas are all the same room!

You're stuck napping on the couch if mom beats you to bed, and as soon as you wake up she forces you to fix the broken TV(which is broken here, too).
The lot is 32x32 in size, just like in the console game. There's lots of room for expansion on one half of the lot.

I used this house for a challenge family- a mother and son, the son earning his way out of the house by making friends with a neighbor and hoping to be invited to move in. Or to earn enough money to expand it and make it YOUR house...with a room for mom. It's really intended for making up challenges. But it works for an elderly couple or a couple just starting out, too.

It costs 27,910 Furnished, and 20,600 unfurnished.

Enjoy :D

Apologies for the crappy photographs of the real house :p

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 27,910 Furnished


  1. im really good at the sims and i can remodel her ENTIRE hose to be EEEEPPPPIIICCCC!

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