Monday, March 8, 2010

Addelai Skeffington

Addelai Skeffington, son of jewelers Addler and Adela Skeffington, was raised in the far northern reaches of Sweden, up on the Kebnekaise mountain, near the northernmost town of Kiruna in the Lappland Province. Throughout childhood he developed a blueish-grey complexion, which his parents blamed on the cold- it was only when he immigrated to SimNation that Addelai discovered this was the actual tone of the skin, as he was suffering from mild Argyria, a condition caused by his exposure to silver dust from his parent's jewelery making, which gives a blue tint to the skin. Fortunately, his case is pretty tame.

As an only child, Addelai never quite made many friends and has trouble forming relationships. He doesn't quite get the mechanics of flirting and is quite lonely, though he IS a loner, so it's not too bad. He's very friendly and has a great sense of humor despite these things.

Having never been near or in a large body of water until he fell off the boat that took him to SimNation, Addelai is completely hydrophobic, and now loathes even taking baths.

He spends his time alone writing, and hopes to be a great author, so that people can know who he is before even meeting him. Maybe then he'll be able to meet someone.

Addelai dresses in tattered clothes, and does not have much money to his name. He does, however, have some jewelery- he wears two sapphire earrings made by his mother, and a silver ring made by his father. He would never dare sell them.

Food- Peanut butter and Jelly, as his mother was never much of a cook, and any other foods he enjoyed in the mountains taste different in SimNation because of the much lower elevation.
Music- Electronica. His father was particularly fond of the bassoon and Addelai is attracted to the stark, artificial difference between the two.
Color- Aqua, but he never wears it, because it makes him feel ridiculous with his skin. instead he opts for a more somber purple. He does, however, wear Sapphire earrings made by his mother. She said they matched his eyes. He has a bit of taste for things goth, though.
Other- Addelai loves video games, his favorite being Dance Dance Revolution, but he only plays with the controller. His favorite book is The Counte of Monte Cristo.

Addelai spends his free time writing. His lifetime wish is to be a professional author, earning tons of royalties on his own books. He wants to tell stories, and he hopes that becoming famous would help him finally meet someone.
His tongue sticks out through his teeth a bit. I think it looks cute, but it's from editing his jaw.

Not an issue, but some pics have pink eyes and some have blue. I believe hte final version has blue, but the pink eye pics are just so great, that I have to use them anyway.

Custom Content Used:
-A  donation gift hair by Peggy. The October 2009 one. Yarrr.
-Awesomemod, for enhanced sliders(This only matters if you change his face- anything outside the normal levels will snap back to normal size)
-Jonha's Custom Body Sliders were used to change his body shape a bit.
-These jeans!

This is one of my favorite sims I've ever made in the history of the game, and I really hope you enjoy him. :D

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  1. Sooo here he is. Thanks for the download.