Wednesday, March 10, 2010

70s Hipster House

This is the 70s Hipster House.

Two aged hipsters, old enough for teenage children, purchased this home and purposely made it into a tacky throwback to the 70s. Their thinking is that to be hip means to be ironic(yknow, trucker hats, that kind of thing), and what could possibly be more ironic than pretending to be a typical 70s family? Probably lots of things! But hey, whatever.

Thing is, despite the 70s vibe going on, the house is actually quite modern. The windows are all very fancy, and all the furniture is actually quite high-end. Everything is incredibly awfully tacky, though.

The thing is, the house also has a few odd bits to it. For example, the master bedroom and the teen's bedroom are both entirely modern. Perhaps excessively so. The homeowners take a break from the irony and gaudiness of their home in their rooms.

 As well, there are a few building aspects I have never used before in this house:
-A closet
-A walled-in stairway, to...
-An attic
-An "island" foundation over the pool
-A backyard made entirely of pool

The attic has a room behind a curtain which is another teen's room. This not quite into the tackiness as his family, so his room was converted into the study , and he now has a room in the attic.The attic itself has a few secrets- a few special items might be found lost in the clutter up there.There's also something special about the "fence" that surrounds the lot: I used cheats and the like to build it. So the land on the upper level and the lower level are both flat, the slope is completely hidden. Though because of the height of the higher land, the driveway is sloped down, so the stairs can reach it.

This house requires High End Loft Stuff. It also uses windows and some deco from the BahHaus Set, from the store, found here. It is not required. The house will just have generic windows if you don't have the set.

It also requires The Seventies Monster Pattern by Robokitty.

I built this house to see if I could work with things I was not used to. Hallways, attics, large kitchens, closets...I never build these things. I think I did a good job. I love the shape of the house. I have no doubt that most people who download it will redecorate it :p

Lot size is 40x40
Furnished Price: 178,894
Unfurnished Price: 103,715


  1. ^_^ this house is really cool (IMO anyways) I've never seen such a well done 70s house before that was well...tacky while at the same time being done thats not over the top and well so tacky it was bad...I hope that makes since. I'm downloading this and cant wait to play it. Thank you!

  2. You nailed it! I was old enough to pay attention in the 70s, and you got it! :D

  3. I got by this searching for 70s modern house in google, lol
    nice job!