Monday, March 8, 2010

Disney's Tarzan

This is the first thing I made for The Sims 3. I'm quite proud of him.

Tarzan has left the jungle in favor of exploring the world. What will he find?

This is Disney's Tarzan, made into a Sim. It was quite a bit of work getting him to look right, since he's got such strange features, but I got it as close as I think I can.

Tarzan was crafted from scratch. His body has been edited using custom sliders(See NOTE at bottom), because Tarzan doesn't have the typical Sims 3 body. He has a wide upper torso, a thin waist, and larger thighs.

Despite his wondrous nature and curiosity, I am a fan of his angry eyebrows, and as a result...well, he has them. I can assure you he displays emotions just fine, though. He simply looks intense and badass while doing so.

Tarzan, despite staying behind in the jungles of Africa with Jane, decided to say "Screw it." to the theme filled ending of the movie, and went off to explore the world. He and Jane packed up their treehouse and moved off to SimNation for some reason. There, Tarzan, now Tarzan Porter, married Jane for citizenship reasons and is off to explore the world.

-Easily Impressed

-Classical Music

His everyday/formal outfit has a store shirt, but this isn't required to use him. He'll simply wear something else.

Tarzan was intended for World Adventures, and as such, has World Adventures traits and the Great Explorer Lifetime Wish. I do not know if this means he is incompatible with the base game. Probably not.

Because I made Tarzan using AwesomeMod and the 5x Slider Multiplier setting, his face is very heavily edited. And as a result, his eyes do not fully close when sleeping.

Also a side-effect of major face surgery, when Tarzan ages, his mouth will rise up quite a bit and be pretty close to his nose. To fix this requires editing him in CAS. To do THAT requires AwesomeMod or Twallan's Supercomputer. I'm very sorry for this issue, but like the eyes, I could not fix it. Both issues are relatively minor, however.


Tarzan REQUIRES the following slider mods if you wish to edit him in CAS.
-10 Custom Body Sliders by Jonha
-AwesomeMod with face slider multipliers enabled(or any face sliders which multiply the slider range by at least 5 tiems)

This is because his face was heavily edited using 5x sliders, and his body was shaped using almost every one of the 10 body sliders made by Jonha.

Custom Content Required:
 -11 Female to Male Hair Conversions by Nekonyami
-3 Color Eyes Contact Lenses- Smaller Version by Killc*a

Store Content (not required, but recommended for maximum awesomeness)
-Vest, Shirt, and Tie