Monday, March 22, 2010

Velvet Twins: Elizabeth and Margaret

Unfortunately, these sims don't have much of a story. I was trying to make a sim that I thought looked pretty in the Limecat hair from HELS, as well as a sim with more anime-ish eyes. She ended up looking like Elizabeth, from the game Persona 3, who is an assistant in a place within your mind called the "Velvet Room", a living room set up inside an enormous elevator that is constantly rising.

And since she looked a bit like her, I styled her clothes like her, a bit. I ended up giving her a twin and using them as ways to make use of the HELS clothes and hair, which are pretty weird clothes/hair.

First is Elizabeth.

Second is Margaret.

There isn't much to say, since I didn't give them a story or anything. I suppose they'd have the same story as Elizabeth. In the game, Elizabeth wants to know more about the human world, and as you befriend her, you can take her on "dates" where she examines everything. She's very intelligent but has no idea what anything in the human world is all about (to the point where she dumps hundreds of dollars into a fountain when told why it has coins int eh bottom). She's very cute and mysterious. So let's just say that's how these two are, too. They're Twins from the Velvet Room who stumbled upon the real world. :D

-Clothes are from HELS
-Hair is from HELS
-They use the yellow of these skintones
-These awesome sliders
-I had slider mulitpliers turned on, so they may need those if you edit their faces.
-I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THEIR BOOTS ARE FROM. I am very sorry I can't provide that info! If anyone knows, puh-LEASE tell me.

Have fun. :D

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