Tuesday, March 23, 2010

World in Progress: Sunset Valley Extra

I like Sunset Valley the most. I've tried lots of downloaded worlds but there was something about each that I just plain couldn't stand. But Sunset Valley only has a few things about it I don't like, so I'm changing those things.

I have

-Turned the hill at the cape into a small, tree-filled area for fancy cliffside houses
-Turned the hill with the mansions into a larger, sub-division-style area
-Added an extra cliff of homes near the beach and behind the town center
-Added an extra "block" where the warehouse was, to allow for a more closed-together block-style feel, that you can't really get with the original sunset valley.
-Added a road near the military base which leads to the roads around the airport, leading off to an area where the warehouse will be instead. MUCH more secluded.
-Removed the stupid terrain rocks around the lake up in the hills, because said rocks prevent you from really putting anything else there ever.
-Added two new houses on the secluded beach

Look forward to it when I eventually maybe finish it. I'm not planning to keep the lot sizes the same, but the town center will probably be identical.


  1. Ah excellent. :D I always thought EA didn't really maximize all the space there is in that neighborhood. Can't wait. <3

  2. Sounds good to me, too. I don't really play Sunset Valley as-is but I would play your version. --SummerSong

  3. Sounds great. I hope you finish it and post it for us to download too!

  4. Did you ever finish this project? Because I am seeing it for the first time and I notice that this was posted almost two years ago. I would really appreciate it if you could put a link to the download or inform me wether or not the world is not currently available. It looks great and u really hope I can play it. :)

  5. This looks so cool! Did you ever finish?