Friday, March 26, 2010

EA Slipup fix: Imply Mother is a Llama

Uh, hello? EA? Llamas are kinda sacred to sims. They're the national animal of SimNation, their sports team is The Llamas, they go to Llama Memorial Stadium, the people love them.

So why the heck do our sims imply other's mothers are a llama when they get pissed off?

This is a big slip-up and I hate it. I adore the consistency in these games and this, honestly, is the biggest slip up in it I've noticed.

So I changed it. Since I can't change the thought balloon that shows up during said interaction, I changed it to "Imply Mother is an Alpaca". That way the picture still fits a bit, and it's probably pretty insulting. We can pretend Alpacas are, like, the anti-llama. Ugly, fat, dumb, boring!

Just look at that smug alpaca! Screw him!

Changes all "Imply Mother is a Llama" interactions, including Wishes. Only for English.


(Super thanks to Anubis for making Navi!)


  1. Sims 3 has a lot of slip ups.A sim of mine is married to a mummy and loves him very much but at the same time she has that negative free will reaction "ew a mummy!"... The same happens with pre-mummy children. Still, mummys are cool.

  2. LOL love the alpaca/llama picture! Plus all the ideas for lots and from the console game. Thanks!

  3. ha ha aww man this made me giggle!!

  4. This doesn't work anymore with Ambitions installed. Neither does your radio alteration from 'Custom Music' to 'CD Player'.
    I've not noticed if your NPC notifications still work or not though.
    Thought you should know but you're a hard one to get hold of.

  5. lol this is funny