Tuesday, March 23, 2010

24-Hour Maid

This is probably useless for most people, but eh.

Here's what it does:
-Maid will stay for a minimum of 24 hours
-Maid costs 500/day (charged at end of shift)
-Another maid comes the minute the first one leaves
-Maid pool changed to 3 from 2 (meaning there are 3 possible maids now, instead of just 2)
-Game will not send the same one every time, so they should show up in a random order
-25% chance of maid being inappropriate
-Only 15 minutes at a time spent being inappropriate, with at LEAST 2 hours in between (instead of 30 and 1, as it is normally)

Why it's not that practical:
-Some people might not like a person just standing around their house 24/7 when there's nothing to be cleaned
-It's a replacement, not an addition. This means ALL maids will cost this much.

Why it is practical:
-Maids aren't really NECESSARY unless you have a bigger family, and if you do you can likely afford this one
-The maid can be talked to on the job
-The maid can be woohooed with and such
-It's just a cool idea!

So here you go. XML mod, will conflict with any that change the maid functionality.


  1. It sounds quite good.

  2. its awesomse thanks

  3. Cool always thought of sth like that

  4. Love this idea! :)

    Is it possible for you to add in other attributes to this Mod? Perhaps mix in babysitting duties to the maid's normal duties?

    This way, one could have a round the clock maid and babysitter! :D

    I don't care for the teen babysitters in S3; I would even settle for the old S2 nannies. I think the game needs more childcare options.

    Just my .02 ;)