Friday, March 26, 2010


I don't have anything relevant so have a picture of Link looking out on Champs Les Sims at sundown.

Anyway, 5000 views!!! And my world has 150 downloads!

Some fun facts:

-900 unique page views today

-150 of those 900 downloaded what they came to see. According to sitemeter and comparing it to my download numbers, about 500 downloaded something but only 150 downloaded what they came to the page to see. (The Wraithsands)

-The average time spent on the site was 4 minutes and 50 seconds, and for some reason there were 2,200 page views (in general, non unique) today.

-Visitors were mostly referred from one site. Some were referrred from smaller individual sites, and one was referred from a japanese site which lists the Process filter. Thanks to said smaller sites for linking to me. :D

-Two visitors came from google searches, for two things that they did not find when they clicked. One searched for "Rabbit Hole Replacements", looking for items that replaced the sims 3 rabbit holes , and instead found buildings built with mini replacements inside, and another searched for the forensics outfit, and instead found my unlocked version which comes with preset colors that make it look like footy pajamas.

-The farthest visitor was 9,000 miles and the closest was 21.

Thanks for all the views~! :D

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