Sunday, June 6, 2010

All Time Travel Clothing Unlocked (Updated: Added Biosuit)

Set Includes:
Medieval Male Knight Outfit
Medieval Male Boots
Medieval Male Knight Hair
Dark Ages Male Outfit
Dark Ages Male Shoes
Dark Ages Male Hair
Cro Magnon Male Outfit
Cro Magnon Male Hair
Male Cyber Suit
Dark Ages Female Dress
Dark Ages Female Hair
Cro Magnon Female Outfit
Cro Magnon Female Hair
Female Cyber Suit
Female Bio Suit

There is no Medieval female outfit, as far as I can tell, and not all outfits came with shoes. Each one has 3 color options by default!

Package contains all individual files so you can pick and choose.


  1. Holy shit, awesome. Now I can actually let my sim change her clothes. I didn't want to lose that cyber suit. It's too cool.

  2. You're missing the second female future outfit.

  3. I wish there was a boy biosuit.

  4. Do you have to have Ambitions to get these outfits?

  5. Nice ! :)
    Thank you very much, but I have a question: are you also going to unlock these time travel clothing for teen and Elder ? :p

    Sorry, I don't speak english very well, I'm french :)

  6. CLAERIC <333333 You are my favourite husband!!!

  7. I'm gay.

    I didnt realize there were teen/elder versions, my bad. I'll get those later tonight.

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  9. yes DO u need ambitions for these?

  10. This isn't compatible with Pets, right..?
    When I tried, my game crashed... >.<

    Could you please to update it? Thank you! =)

  11. Hey .. Its not work ??..? For The sims Base,Pet,Super N,Seasons,Unversity , I Paradise ..? Why not work to That EP?

  12. you NEED Ambitions to run this