Monday, June 7, 2010

Miner's Shack (With Miner included)

This shack, way out by the mines, used to be used by Miners. It was abandoned and put on the real estate market.

It has not been cleaned up, having holes and burned storage shed on the land. There are oil barrels in front of the home.

There's even some mining equipment left behind.

As well as firewood and a bunch of junk.

Since it wasn't intended as an actual residence, the inside is a bit cluttered- to the point where the front door cannot be used, as there is a couch in front of it.

The kitchen is small and the home does not have much room for expansion.

Though there is a basement, but it's empty.

It's very secluded from the rest of town!

This is a 20x15 lot. I placed a custom lot as shown in the first and last pictures, near the mine. It costs just under 16,000 simoleons, leaving a new one sim family with 500. You won't be able to use the Miner until you clean up the land, though!

Requires World Adventures (for the nectar machine, only, you can live without it if you want) and Ambitions. It does have some fog spawners on it, but they can easily be removed if you dont like them.


  1. Nice work. I just typed a very long comment and then it was lost and wouldnt allow me to post as anything other than anonymous.And I've just put my ******* google password in for 4th ****** time :)

  2. Ok, sorry about that. And I said I wouldnt get angry today.... Claeric I could do with a few pointers and you obviously know what you're doing :) I was trying to use a fog spawner but cant get it to work, I can bring up a menu but any hope of an on/off is dashed. I thought I might be able to use it to give the effect of steam in a large shower room. I have also been waiting a very long time to get my hands on some good lockers. I was really happy to see Ambitions ship with lockers ( called Gear Stow in game for some strange reason ) but then rather put out to find them with bright brass handles and hinges ! Have EA ever seen lockers ?
    So I wondered how difficult could it be to change them to a dull silver metal ?
    When I use the debug cheat to bring up objects, I expected to see all of the remaining items that arent listed in community objects. They are there all except the big billboard. I changed the posters on these and would like to use a few more in the town, but they are nowhere to be found......?
    Thanks for an excellent blog.

  3. What section are the "lockers" under? I dont think I've seen anything like that. If I can find them I could change htem easy.

    The fog spawner...I dont remember off hand how to make use of it. ctrl-shift and I think it's just pick an effect and bam, it's on. But you can't see it until in live mode.

    Big billboard? You mean the one used in-game already? Someone on MTS unlocked those for buy purchase a while back, you can find them there. If it's another one, could I get a screenshot? I dont think I know how to find stuff I can't outright SEE in TSRW, but If it isn't those billobards, I'm just curious.

  4. Thanks for that. I did try choosing the effect for the fog spawner (only one to choose) but there was sadly no bam :)It is an EP2 effect so I wonder if those things work in Sunset Valley ? Need to investigate that more... It is the big billboards so I will take a look at MTS. The lockers which are actually rather good except for the terrible coloring, are listed as Gear Stow ( listed as floorlockers in the Ambitions database, as I already took out the files to look at) and are classed as "decor", presumably because they dont function :) The base color is red with black or gray options, and they are made as a pair. They snap together like kitchen cabinets too. If you are able to change things like that easily, could you post a little piece about what you use etc.., I think some folks will find that useful. I can edit the xml files and change signs on buildings and posters etc, I can even change menu items, but I havent got round to working with object textures yet and when I open the dds files, there is nothing I could obviously change. I wouldnt want to create whole new objects, but it would be great to figure out an easy way to make small changes to existing ones :)
    Many thanks.

  5. I just got the object fix from MTS for the big billboards. Very happy now. Each of the 5 boards needs a separate fix but I put them all together into a package and put them in game. This time its definately bam :) Not sure I would class them as "lawn ornaments" though with a 13x6 footprint they are pretty big.
    However, its a very good example of useful things in game that get missed out and not used. I have put these around on empty lots with my own posters on ( rather adult recruitment posters for the police department for example) and they really give character to the town ! :)