Saturday, June 12, 2010

Aerie Supply: Ambitions Lot Expanded

This lot is absolutely GORGEOUS. But it was really, really, unforgivably small. The living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom were all one room. So I built a matching addition onto it. The ambiance on this lot is just amazing, I love playing it.

The RED AREA is the default home. I added the extended "foundation", bridges, and building on the right, as well as the outdoor lights.

That stairway is usable, and sims can stand on the balcony up top. Inside the addition are two bedrooms, a poor little baby room, and a master bedroom with sculpting equipment.

Lot size is 40x40, meant to go where the original is (You can find it based on the big overview pictures, it's right next to the broken train track near the Spillway). Costs just under 40k furnished. Requires Ambitions.


  1. I really like this lot. Great job :)

  2. Very rustic and authentic!

  3. The link to mediafire doesn;t work anymore. Could you please fix that? I would love to play with it! Thanks for all of your other stuff!