Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twinbrook Thrifty Pawn Shop (Cluttered Consignment Store)

I thought the consignment shop was too clean and neat, so I added some thrift-shop-style character to it. That's about it.

It now has clearly defined little sections.

Clothing Section

Junk Section (divided into lights, home stuff, plants)

Toys and Knick Knacks (knives purposely placed near toys, yes)

And furniture.

I think it feels more like a thrift store now, so I like visiting it a lot more. :D Same size as the original and requires ambitions.


  1. I love the thrift shop vibes you've added. That's a wonderful idea. Thank you :D

  2. hope this can be found in residential lots. Will all deco show up?

  3. It's a community lot, but once awesomemod starts working, you can switch it to residential without losing anything. If you switch it as-is, I think only the bathroom doors and register disappear...

  4. Is this a default replacement? I'm not playing Twinbrook, just Sunset Valley so I'm not sure if the consignment store is the same on both towns. Or is this just a community lot in the bin that I can place wherever?

  5. It's just a lot. You can use it anywhere.

  6. wow ill try it out ! thanks it looks awesome