Sunday, June 6, 2010

Non-replacement Camera Lense Simbot Eyes

The simbot eyes scare me. I am genuinely scared of them. I cannot have a simbot because of this, unless I give them sunglasses or a mask.

So I made a non-replacement meant to resemble camera lenses.

This is a hairstyle, found under hats. Rusty versions, too, both male and female. You must use EditSim or the supercomputer to edit your simbot and change his hair to this.

How to make your own: 
1. Open TSRW (Or your preferred editing program)
2. Find the Simbot head (named with Frankensim)
3. Find the Hair Textures. These are basically an "Overlay" texture.
4. The eyes are in the lower right corner. Simply draw/paste/whatever over them. Note that they are flipped (the left and right eyes will be flipped horizontally if your replacement is not symmetrical).
5. Replace the textures, and make sure the hair is not hidden in CAS. Save as a unique package.

1 comment:

  1. Would it be possible for you to update your Eco-Pack tweaks so that Eco-Friendly sims don't hate Renaults?