Saturday, June 12, 2010

How To: Custom Ambitions Tattoos

1. Open TSR Workshop
2. Under preferences, you'll find 3 boxes. One for TS3, one for WA, and one for HELS. This is where you tell TSRW where your game files are.
3. Pick the HELS folder. Tell it the folder is ElectronicArts/The Sims 3 Ambitions. This makes TSRW load the ambitions data, even though there is no option to direct it to your ambitions folder.
4. Go to Clothing and find a tattoo to clone. Be sure to put something under "unique identifier" when prompted to change the text info.
5. Go to Textures -> Core. This is the tattoo. Export it like you would anything else, and edit it like you would anything else. This one file contains the shape and the color masks, just like a pattern, so if you can't figure it out, look at a pattern tutorial. The Alpha is the tattoo shape, and the color masks are done just like a pattern. You will likely have to do all from scratch. Be sure to allow color options under "MaskInfo".
6. Save and check it out in-game. To export as a package, to to Edit -> Project Contents -> Export -> To Package.

Now, mine doesn't change color, and I'm not sure why yet. I'm still working on figuring this out, but at least the basics are available now...


  1. Do you have an older version of TSR workshop? I believe I have the newest one and it no longer allows export to package files.
    I guess it doesn't really matter with the multipack installer, but yea.

  2. It works. And you can get it to recolor. :)
    The alpha seems to work a little different or something, it's just a pain in the butt, but it works. Awesome~

  3. How did you get yours to recolor? As far as I know (I suck at patterns) every color layer is done just like an alpha, with black and white, but it shows up as that color on the actual image. So I would make the white shape on the R layer and enable the R color, but it stayed black in-game no matter what. :(

  4. Hm, thats very strange. It worked for me, just the way you said. I don't know why it won't recolor for you.
    The only thing I did different from your instructions is I exported first as sims3pack, then turned it into a package. Maybe that has something to do with something?

  5. What I did when creating tattoos, I drew directly on the RGB layer with pure red. The pattern that is drawn onto the RGB layer will then create the image on the R layer in white. If you do this with pure blue or green, white outlines will show up on the B or G layers, also. When creating the alpha, don't use white on the alpha layer (I did this at first, and it was jacked). Delete any alpha layer you have, and then create an alpha layer from the RGB layer. This should create an all black alpha layer, which is good. Save, import like before. The tattoo should be recolorable, depending on how many channels you gave it (R,G, or B). :)

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