Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shuttle Station Diner

When Twinbrook's railroads started to die, something had to be done. Trains just weren't coming through the town anymore. So what use was there for the railroads? In a misguided attempt to bolster town interest and tourism Twinbrook wanted to become the first town in all of SimNation with a shuttle system. It might not be ultra-modern, but it would match the feel of the community and provide a fun new way to get around town, instead of driving on the bumpy roads or trekking through the swamp.

But...once the shuttle was purchased, it came to light that the railroads were in such disrepair that the town couldn't afford to get them up to code. They had gone unused too long. Not to mention the shuttle was too wide for the tracks. And so the shuttle sits inside its custom-built station, being used as a diner. The railroad continued to fall apart but the station stays clean-ish and is a hangout for the locals.

Note that the layout is a bit different than in the diner shots, you can see it in the overhead. I had to remove a set of stairs so sims would stop whining about route failure even when none existed.

This was just a fun way to play with some of the new stuff from Ambitions. I used column-pattern wallpaper to make a fun pseudo-column effect that I think a poor town would use in place of real columns, I made some train tracks, and I used Friezes below the roof. 

Size is 30x20 and it is meant to fit where the diner is in Twinbrook (this way it lines up with the tracks that go next to the bridge). Requires both WA and Ambitions!


  1. Ooh, I like it :-) Really creative idea. Thanks for posting!

  2. Great idea and very well done. Thx!

  3. I like it. Very creative. :) Thanks for posting this one! :)