Friday, June 4, 2010

Little Robot Shack

So you finally got 40,000 Lifetime Happiness Points. Your accomplishments added up and you sent in your Happy Stickers to the Happy Magazine Shopping Catalog and ordered...My Best Friend.

But your best friend came with some pretty crappy traits and you made no connection with him. He was a toy that got old the minute you got it home. And, having no connection, you threw him out with the trash.

What happened to him?

He ended up at the junk yard. Where he gathered scraps of metal and wood...

And piled them onto one another to make a home.

The ground is wet and flooded and he doesn't have a thing that isn't second-hand.

He doesn't even have two rooms.

He found a junky computer, and some random knick-knacks. He put an old TV back together.

He found some fabric and an old cot.

And uses a discarded bathroom stall for waste, and spends his time hoping to get good enough at building to make a companion.

And maybe when he does, they can move back into town, and show you what you're missing out on.

Don't throw away your simbots.

10x10 lot, costs just under 10k. Requires Ambitions and WA (for the windows only, you can still use it without WA, you just wont have the windows)


  1. Aww... sad story. :(

    Funny thing is, I haven't tossed the 1 simbot I'm managed to make... But I have 'tossed' all 4 kids my sims aquired via time machine. Didn't even bother to give them nice clothes (One is walking around in a speedo and orange t-shirt) .. just aged 'em up and kicked 'em out.

    But the bot had better traits than most of the kids.

  2. If the bot swims, he will "short out" and a sim can use the "reprogram" interaction (he had 10 handiness and the handy trait, they may be required)

  3. This story made me sad, too. Quite inspiring, actually. Thanks, Claeric.

  4. You're a great writer. Thanks for all your work.