Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HOW TO: Making a custom package to pick a loading screen.

Since this will have to be done for every expansion, it is easier for me to tell you the simple process so you can make your own package that works with your installation.

This will tell you how to make it so that when you load the game, you see a loading screen other than the latest game you have installed. 

What you need:

How to do it:

1. Open S3PE
2. File -> Open
3. Find your latest install directory and go to Game/Bin/UI and open the UI file.
4. Which load screen do you want to SEE? Find AppLoadingScreen. If you want EP1, choose EP1. If EP2, choose EP2, etc.
5. Click "Notepad" int he lower right corner (Might be "Edit")
6. COPY the contents of this file and close it.
7. Click the load screen for your latest installed EP (If ambitions, EP2. If WA, EP1. If HELS, SP1.)
8. Resource -> Export -> To File
9. Export it to the desktop
10. File -> New, don't save any changes
11. Resource -> Import, import the file you saved.
12. Click it and choose Notepad or Edit again.
14. Select everything and PASTE OVER IT.
15. File -> Save As -> Save as a package.

What this does is it tells the game to load YOUR package of the loading screen data instead of the game's package. Since your package contains the data for an earlier EP or SP, that is what shows up when you load the game!

If you copied the EP1 data into the EP2 file, you'll see the WA load screen when playing Ambitions. If you copied the AppLoadingScreen data into the SP2 data, you'll see the Base Game loading screen when paying with HELS.


  1. I don't understand it. Call me idiot, but I got it right until point 3, but I don't know what and where I am supposed to look for in point 4. Please, made the tutorial more detailed for us idiots who do not understand this. Pretty please.

  2. Hello! This is awesome, and thank you, but I don't get it... Can you give us screenshots please???

  3. I followed all the steps and it sort of works... the background does change, but the title itself remains the same, what could be the problem? :/

  4. I have Town life stuff, but I haven´t UI file in Game/bin folder...

  5. You have all probably misunderstood this entire thing.

    What you need to do first is to download S3PE from http://sourceforge.net/projects/sims3tools/files/s3pe/11-1001-1447/s3pe_11-1001-1447-x64.exe/download

    S3PE is a PACKAGE file unpackaged. This allows you to edit the contents of the games own packages.

    Once you have the tool follow the steps above.

  6. Thanks. It worked for me :)

  7. well i got the S3PE program, started following the steps and i got to 3... Find your latest install directory?? what? do you mean my Mods folder were i most recently installed content to? or Downloads folder? somewhere in my documents?
    Im lost, can you tell me what my latest install directory might be so i can locate it?

    1. It means the folder of the latest Expansion or Stuff Pack you installed. It it was say, Generatins, then you would want to look for the Generations installation folder. DIsc INstalltions and Drect Downloads are installed into different directories. Also, the directories are different if yu are running a 32bit Windows installation or a 64bit Windows installation. 32bit will be in: (x is the drive installed on, the default is C) "x:\Program Files\" and 64bit will be in "x:\Program Files (x86)\". For a disc installation you will find them in within the Program Files folder above under "\Electronic Arts\" while the Direct Downloads via the Origin Clint will be found in "\Origin Games\"

      I am not sure but by my understanding, after Pets, they made some changes to the UI interface and these tricks no longer work. If they do, I would LOVE to know how they work and where I can find mod Packs for my favorite screens..

      Dyn & Lynn