Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Impressions Part 2: More Architecture and Inventing (Still updating)

Selphie won this award for completing 5 renovations. It's huge!

Architecture is pretty fun. I like how there's a constant stream of things to do, and you get to do what you want for the most part.

Sims will like your renovation if you add extra things. Sometimes they like it if you're way under budget, sometimes they hate it. Sometimes they get excited when a trait is catered to (I had a bookworm freak out because I added a book shelf when he didn't ask).

When you meet a sim, any sim, you can show htem your portfolio (once at level 3). The portfolio is a digital photo tablet! Your pictures display on it as the sim looks at it. THen you might be able to offer them a remodeling job.

I've yet to get a great review...I'm not entirely sure what manages how well you've done. I did meet a cute guy though, time to woo him on the weekend off. Maybe he can be used to show off another skill.

He moved in, and is a Handy Artistic sim, so he will invent!

Sims basically dig around until they have all the scrap from a pile.

I found a TV! I "salvaged" it, which really means I took it. It's basically in "burnt" state and I can replace it for 300 simoleons. I imagine that salvaging is pretty lame until you can explode stuff or have a simbot to break it into scrap.

First invention?

A drinky Llama! It's not animated, though. :(

I also made a Newton's Cradle and a mini-mailbox dog.

Stupidly, the newton's cradle doesn't move. :(

I have two renovation jobs telling me that "They cannot live in this squalor!" and I must give them enough to live with before they let me be finished. I don't understand in the least what I am doing wrong.

Game feels much more optimized

I can go at 3x speed across town without a bit of lag. The game no longer seems to try and load lots until you've stopped for a second, or at least when moving around town. Awesome!  The lighting, as I've said, is much better as well.

FALSE ALARM! Inventions get better as you get better. My drinky llama? I just made a new one that drinks! Ocassionally. I can only assume that at a higher level he will drink constantly. Awesome!

One thing I've noticed, though this may be a lack of awesomemod, is the skills are raising very fast. I am also getting entire skill points from opportunities (one was to raise my inventing skill, then go discuss it at the science lab. I got a skill point as a reward, meaning I got two skill points in maybe 4 minutes.), but I think that's base game functionality that Awesomemod prevents. Similarly my Architect is already level 5 of the architect profession but hasn't gotten even one point towards her lifetime wish (100 top scores for renovations).

 When you remove mods and load the game, it warns you that some things couldn't be loaded and were replaced!


  1. It is definately Awesomemod that prevents skill points from being added by job performance. Unless, of course, you disable it like I do :P .