Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Peek into the Sims 3 Ambitions GameplayData file reveals...

3 Entries mentioning "FrankenSim". There are also a LOT mentioning Frankenstein.

However, each and every one refers to the Simbot. Only one actually says "Simbot" inside it, and it seems like it was an error, and they meant to say Frankenstein. They reference repairing, reprogramming, shorting out, etc.

What the heck is with EA? Why would they name these things FrankenSim and Frankenstein when they're files about Simbots? D:<

The Time Machine files seemt o imply that using the time machine can result in:
-A kid added to the family
-A family added to the neighborhood
-An object brought back
-A book brought back
-Money brought back
-Random moodlets
-Playable Ghosts becoming Sims (Un-dying!)
-Playable Mummies becoming Sims (Un-decomposing!)
-One of 3 Cro-Magnum outfits, one of 3 Dark Ages outfits, and one of 3 Medieval outfits
-Other stuff

Inventors can create...

Newton's Cradle
Drinking Llama (probably like a drinky bird!)
Wind Up Toy
Fish Tank
Static Coil
Crafted Robot
Crafted Dog
Crafted Cow
Crafted Whale
Time Machine
Maybe more

I don't wanna look up anything more, I am starting to feel spoiled by these things!


  1. Awesome! ^^ Thanks for posting this! I've been wondering about a few of these things.

    Especially the Frankensims. I know that when I get it, and when awesome is updated, one of the first things I will do is use testing cheats to figure out if the Frankensim is under the occult setting like the Mummys are. If not.. it is, without a doubt.. the Simbot.

    I'm also curious about the inventor's fishtank now, because that's one of 3 reasons I bought HELS. ><

    And the Harvester is le awesome. Less work for anyone with a massive legacy garden!

  2. I checked in the CAS UI with the most recent update, found a new reference to CAS.Midstate Tattoos that I don't remember.

  3. Frankensim has an "Occult_Frankensim" file. Occult refers to non-"human" sims. I say "Human" because for all we know Sims are a different species :p

  4. Ooooh please look up more!
    Apparently there is a laundry gnome, which someone found by having a look into these files!
    Shame about the whole frankensim thing, you never know though huh?

    Awesome work, keep sharing!
    Im sure everyone appreciates it as much as i do! :0)